It took 4 days to get the old wallpaper off the bathroom walls (we finally bought a steamer because our arms were going to fall off), wash & rinse, put a primer paint on, & paint a small bathroom. I’m too old for this crap. 🙄

This little guy wanted to attack my fingers. He’s a good boy 🙄

Hey, users of AppDot.Net! Today I’m announcing that I’m handing over the reins to @joshuanozzi, so there might be some interruptions to your normal scheduled service whilst the transfer is ongoing.

Merry Christmas everybody (to those who celebrate).

Sorry to hear about @KDFrawg passing away. He was someone you knew online but wished you knew him in real life. R.I.P.

GF called & all she did was whine & I said, “Wine for my friends!” She laughed & said I had a good idea so now she’s had a hot shower, in pajamas laying in bed with a bottle of wine. I only hope she’s using a plastic glass because she’s a clumsy tipster.

My big boy kitty. It’s unbelievable to me we found him 8+ years ago as a stray. He’s chewed through some cords, tore up a pillow or 2 in the early days but he’s a good, noisy, nosy, demanding good cat now. lol

And my husband talked me into getting the iPhone max pro because the xs Max had a crack on the lens glass & Apple wanted $599.00 to fix it. 🙄 I was going to wait till next year & hope the crack didn’t get worse but Hoof said it could fail at any time. Not sorry I bought I bought this phone.

Hi everybody. I hope everybody is doing well & staying sane (define sane. lol) 🤗

We kept hearing a noise under the workbench so we investigated (hoping it wasn’t a big monster like a mouse 😉) & found a bird. Took him/her to our tree & let it recover from the trauma. All is well now.

Stitches have been removed from the ouchie finger & no restrictions. I’m restricting myself because it hurts to use it. lol

Sorry I haven’t been around much but it’s been a busy summer. We had another large garage sale & was able to sell more of the MIL’s stuff no one wanted.

And I had surgery on a finger which is a PIA. lol

I hope everybody is doing well. 😊

We had a garage sale last week & today we. cleaned out the attic above the garage & have enough crap *ahem* stuff for another one. All these hand me downs through the years adds up.

Hi everybody. I’m still around & I hope everybody is ok.

Heard at grocery store today-
Life is like Netflix, all the good stuff has expiration dates.
Sooo profound *nods*

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