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It's time for an

I'm Leon.

I may not understand, but I want to. Try me.

I am +, , , /#him, .

I am interested in , , , , , , , ,


With 2.5 years until retirement, I guess it’s time to plan for leaving the US before it becomes illegal for me to exist.

us pol 

I love Mastodon’s content warning feature. I can easily avoid a certain topic I’m tired of hearing.

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abortion access volunteering, PSA 

Midwest Access Coalition isn't taking new volunteers right now but they linked me to and I just filled out their volunteer application form

They're looking for anyone with tech skills and a strong belief in safe access to abortion and I am pretty sure there are some other people on here who fit that description :BoostOK:

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US pol, abortion, guns 

Republicans walking around crowing about how “life has won” can go fuck themselves. They don’t give a shit about life. If they did they’d protect women from back alley abortions by allowing safe, legal ones. And they wouldn’t be advocating people walking around with hand guns and automatic rifles, literal instruments of death. The hypocrisy is sickening.

Thanks to electronic medical records, I saw the report on my MRI ahead of my appointment with the doctor. It seems I don’t have a torn meniscus meaning I don’t need knee surgery. Yay!

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I had a poll yesterday asking what era of music you last listened to. A majority of people listened to something from 2000-2022.

My next question is what TYPE of music did you listen to?

Please boost.

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The last song I listened to was from

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After the crap at work yesterday, this could be more useful than I originally thought.

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Finally watched The Batman. I think it lives up to the hype. Now, for something completely different: The Essex Serpent.

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There will be lots of #metaverse talk at the TNW Conference 2022, but wouldn't it be fun to meet up with some #Fediverse buddies?

Please boost for higher chance of an irl Fediverse meetup in Amsterdam this Friday.

#TNW2022 #TNW #TNWConference #Amsterdam #Fediverse #meetup

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My #ActuallyAutistic internet friends and cohorts, I need some help. (BOOSTS encouraged)

I want to start regular exercise again.

Between the ASD and ADHD, I often have hard limits on both
* what I can achieve in a day
* how many uninteresting tasks I can accomplish

if(you exercise regularly && you have similar limits) I would VERY much like to know when in your day you exercise. Is it better early, when your tank is still full? Later, to wash away stresses? Comments & context welcome!

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I wish I could find more transmasc folks on fedi to be mutuals with.

I've been searching for days and only found a few ones.

Let me know if you are, especially if you're disabled, anarchist and use CWs! :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

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