I’m driving the car to the coast tomorrow, because Mr I says it needs an outing so the battery doesn’t die again.

We managed to go out for a couple of micro-walks today.

A series of old-style viruses followed by a pandemic gave me an excuse to postpone getting a new battery in my phone, but I suppose I’m going to have to get on and do it now.

I took my socks off and found the hot weather slippers. Larry will be so proud of me.

Do any of you use a Mac Mastodon app?

Waaah. My coffee machine has sprung a leak.

Just dropped Bembo off to have an operation on the other back leg. Poor boy. :(

Bembo had to have a knee operation. It was about 3 weeks ago & he’s recovering well, but has to take things very slowly for a while longer.

@larand Are you allowed out of the house?

Just wondering how things are for my brother in law. We spoke to him at the weekend, but it’s all changed since then!

@Indigo I’m fine. Mr I works at home anyway, and we’re still allowed to walk the dog round the park. It probably won’t affect the rhythm of our life much, but the general situation is stressful. I’d enjoy a quieter town apart from worrying about people’s businesses and all that stuff.

If they stop us going to the park, I’ll have to be a bit more imaginative in keeping the dog busy!

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How’s everyone doing round here in these weird times?

Agh. People are letting fireworks off and the dog’s barking at them. Bonfire night isn’t for another month. It’s going to be a long month.

Sigh. I wish I could keep my EU passport.

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