But the question is: Did he inhale?

Shame is a big factor in why there's no Github repository with all the stuff I write …


So has it been asked where Kayne Kardashian was /really/ born?

In other news: It's amazing what rabbit holes exist on YouTube.

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Wel, Ryan Serhant is living proof that being Barbie has transcended gender boundaries.

US Holiday 

I do hope you can at least enjoy the holiday in some way, even if that feels off in major ways this year.


Now‘s actually the best time to make America great again. I just don’t think it will happen with the current administration.

Well, I let the domain “” go. Somehow, this feels fitting.

violence against children 

We've already had two high-volume cases of child porn and sexualised violence against children here in our part of Germany in the last few months, with even really bad police fuckups (like losing a suitcase full of DVDs). But now, in one of the cases, they're chasing a network and believe there may be up to 30000 suspects. Yes. Thirty thousands.

I don't even know how to conceptualize that.

The city my parents live in has 12000 inhabitants.

WordPress Plugins that insist on you giving a reason before you can deactivate them.



So where there more people in Tulsa than at the inauguration?

Personal brand, ego -- what's the difference?

I've watched some YouTube recently, productivity and self-improvement porn. And I've come to the conclusion that many people mistake building an ego for building a career.

Watching youtube videos about productivity and discipline. Doesn't that make one die of irony right away?

Fun fact: each day the alarm clock wakes you, you didn't sleep enough.

So what's all this “black wives matter” about?

If “not being killed” is an extremist position, what would be middle ground?


Did Trump use an extra big Bible so that it matches his extra big hands?

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