Just using Vagrant in a development project makes me remember things … Two technologies that certainly blew my mind were VNC and the first Virtualization solutions for desktop PCs.

I think I want “another one bites the dust” played at my own funeral.

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So Austria has its election on Sunday.

This is going to be interesting.

Strange Things Giving Me Comfort:

I stilll know all the phone numbers I've ever lived at.

Being in present in the moment only works if you can be there as a whole person.

Thinking of @larand and hoping that there's at least a little glimmer to his days.

There's two major things to have come out of Berkeley in the seventies, BSD and LSD. This is not necessarily a coincidence.

Today, we should celebrate that we've survived yet another day of 9/11-rememberance.

Have you all made plans what you'll be doing in 2021?

I think I'll call my next WLAN 'Carrier Lost' and use +++ATH as the key.

I'm more interested in Apple Crumble than Apple Event, to be honest.

Apart from online extortion schemes, is there a use case for Bitcoin?

Guten Morgen!

Was darf denn in der nächsten Woche so passieren, wie es in dieser Woche passiert ist?

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I'm amazed how many people I know who are experts both for the east of germany and great britain.

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