Today's life lesson: Everything is interconnected.

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So after quite some time on YouTube, I learned that luxury first class cabines on intercontinental flights are about the same size as tiny homes people like to live in.

Maybe @emery should rename to "the Sylvester network."

If I ever have enough time to write, i certainly have enough ideas in my head now.

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Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advancde.

@tewha Do you have an inner critic that critizises your inner critic?

Theory: Hemingway was just a very, very bad typist.

Lesson of the day: I still don't know how self love works.

Has anybody recently heard of @KDFrawg? He's been awfully quiet for a long while.

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What I like about "OK Boomer" is that it's so inclusive. It doesn't mention religion, gender, skin colour, …

I'd find it quite funny if any of the digital assistants now also responded to “OK, Boomer.”

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Thank you for you best wishes and sympathies, @joshuanozzi @feorlen @radioactive and @randolph -- we're waiting to hear back from the detailed diagnostics.

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