I'm sorry I can't say anything about iOS 13, I'm on beta blockers.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks and an old coder no new editors.

*opens up Emacs again*

On another social site, a young woman is taking an interest in learning groff.


That was already old when I was young.

let's encrypt (cerbot) certainly is nice when it works …

If people take on a victim role, this is their deal. It does not imply you need to assume that you're a perpetrator; they just may be victim to themselves and you're only watching something that happens entirely within them.

Don't let yourself get pulled into their games, hard as that may be.

So bringing the spam filter into this century did actually bring about some change …

I'm waiting for the day AIs develop a test to figure out whether they're really talking to another AI …

Meeting of the school association. Discussion topics included the sharing of pornographic images in the classes whatsapp chat groups by thirteen year olds.


Okay. So I've started watching Lucifer and admit I do quite enjoy it. Light entertaiment.

Okay. Out of curiosity, I googled around about my personal Internet history.

I found a contribution to a magazine from 1986. I was 13 then.

Apparently, Canada wants visitors now to hand over laptop and smartphone passwords?

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

Do you remember me dealing with our mailserver last weekend, and how much I enjoyed that?

Well, this weekend it's one of the webservers …

My new computer is so powerful, Emacs no longer needs to swap.

Austrian politics has finally and truly turned into a second-rate soap opera..

Sunday. A perfect day for the RAID in our primary mail server to go out …

And what are you folks all doing?

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