And now, Jordan Peterson is being hailed as an example of how we should be doing video stuff.

Elon Musk 

So he wants his Mars colony be a two-caste system: either you were rich enough to buy a ticket and be a free person there, or you “applied for a credit you can work off” -- a slave.

And he's not even sugarcoating it, or hiding it.

I didn't think that we'd live to see James Bond villains outdone in real life. But here we are.

I particularly love how Jason Feiffer always refers to Sinek as “self-help author.”

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Biographically, Simon Sinek is correct. “It all starts why Why?“ Except some people leave that phase behind after a while.

To be honest, I'm not sure I'm any good at imposter syndrome.

This Sunday, we have the state-wide election. I'm very curious as to what will happen.

And talking about PKM: I'm a big fan of Obsidian. It's very, very neat.

So I did finally select one watch I got myself, and it's not a Flieger but rather a fairly classical diver … But lets see where this will continue to take me. I have the strong theory it will not have been the last one I baught.

I somwhat want to write a book “Atlas sneezed.”

I've just replaced the library from 2008 with a version of that library from 2013 on a customer website, and I'm not sure that this is something I signed up for.

What I love about reading is that from time to time, there's just articles or books that are SO GOOD. It really makes an entirely different feeling in my head. Few moments, regardless of clothed or not, are as good as that.

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