Is it possible that many, many people don't even see all the aggression they bring into this world? (I know for me, it is true.)

I'm usually a peaceful fellow who quite enjoys non-violence and stuff.

But sometimes, the thought that all it takes is one member of his securiy detail with a conscience for his country … They're all well arrmed -- it does enter my mind.

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So maybe Boris Johnson could ask his pal Donald Trump about the Brexit negotiations.

I'm sure he'll help him get the Best Deal Ever.

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Not all “not all” comments count.

So the cigar was a nice touch today.

My new pet theory is that Apple killed the MacBook because they don't want to canibalize the iPad Pro.

And somehow, I get the impression that VR is a technology that won't make it big in the mainstream. It'll remain a niche product.

So it's end of the school year today. The report cards are mostly known and there's little potential for surprises.

Off to summer holidays for the kids!

Here is hoping that all went well with @KDFrawg

Do Brexiteers celebrate July 4th, too? Because of independence being good for everyone?

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So, I’ve updated my as I’m in need of remote or developer work very soon. I’d appreciate letting anyone who might be looking for someone like me (~20yrs experience). ... please !

Happy Fourth of July, those of you who celebrate it.

In numbers: the update in the spam filter architecture has reduced my spam volume by about two orders of magnitude.

I call that a win.

Looking at the iPad lineup, I see that Apple now promotes both the Pro and the Air with keyboard, and with iPadOS now shifting to features that any modern window manager has, to me it seems to be running more towards a laptop-like use.

I'm curious to see as to when developer plattforms will be allowed on it now.

You know what I can do without? Excuses that aren't ones.

“I apologize for your your misunderstanding.“ What kind of bullshit is that supposed to mean?

So what's it with the Palm micro-smartphone? Will that ever be real?

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