Julian Assange shows that the line between mythology and soap opera is thin …

And yet another question: Does the Oculus Go still make sense as a product? Or is it too close to EOL?

You're Apple experts here, aren't you?

What would be a valid reason for getting an iPad Pro over an iPad? What really makes good use of the bigger configuration?

For all people who claim that open source software is necessarily more secure, I have one word:


It's Gin O'Clock. But as I feel cold, it's Gin in black tea tonight.

If I had magical powers, I'd cast a spell that makes the computer of every single script kiddie burn, and hopefully burn their hands on the keyboard, too.

WW2 stories: my family were Nazis, mostly. Ranging from just not opposing and joining Hitlerjugend and all to really convinced, ideologically sound Nazis. My granddad was a POW in Russia, my great-grandfather a US POW.

By the way, thank you @peemee for making me curious enough about the Men's Shed movement. I had not heard about it at all and finally googled about it, last time you mentioned it. This is a really inspiring thing! Great stuff.

If I ever go into retail, i want to found a mall and call it … Decimall.

I can recommend "Ralph breaks the Internet." It's a very well done movie. I did absolutely enjoy it.

“Hell is other people.”

No, thanks. I don't need anyone else but me for that.

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Since I once saw it, I can no longer unseee it:

Weaponized Dunning-Krueger.

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As one of the things to do during Lent this year, I have my phone on black & white, in order to make it less appealing to me.

It's an iPhone Xs with the current iOS. I switched it back to color for some reason yesterday (I needed that).

Those color! Yikes. That's way unnatural and too strong.

The only thought about Brexit I have right now is “Monty Python's having one hell of a reunion.”

Good morning.

IPv6 has been around for a while, but it still seems to not be what people are actually used to … *SIGH*

We're currently looking for a new office color laserprinter, ideally with scanner. The Lexmark we bought last was … well, let's settle for "less than stellar." The xerox we looked at was extremely expensive per page.

What would be a good printer, you recon?

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