Okay. Andrew Hubermann has also safely crossed the passage from research scientist to media personality.

WIth all the stuff we're supposed to buy already … is Craptober a thing?

In not having a Home Rack, I save both electricity and time …

I've been reading a lot this year (at least for my standards), but amongst all those books that enriched me, one stands out and I can't recommend it highly enough:

On Repentence And Repair by Danya Ruttenberg.

I've just bought my first Magic Trackpad for the desk, and I must say: It's ridiculous how good this device is for me.

And is the one after ANDOR hen XANDXOR?


I'm not sure that the party is doing itself a favor in selecting the candidate that makes people wish back the normalcy of BoJo gain …


So why does he have empty Classified folders? Did he charge extra for them and the customers didn't want them? Then, why keep them?

This seems so … arcane.

Oh, the conversation isn't about finding your Herpes, after all?

What’s your unconventional tip for a spring holiday?

DEpol, ATpol 

Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie sehr das Thema Preissteigerungen/Inflation/Heizung einfach direkt den Rechten als politische Arena überlassen wird, oder ob sich andere auch mal erbarmen, sich da irgendwie sichtbar zu machen.

Well, it does feel good to have a functioning backup again.

One thing I can say for sure: I'm going through backup hds way faster then I go through laptops.

World politics 

What kind of information did the Russian government (secret service) get from the Trump administration – and what kind of data in that collection played a role in the invasion of Ukraine?

Creating like pros … that's what procreate is, right?


It appears it's not Republicans vs. Democrats, but rather Republicans vs. Democracy.

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