There's one totally easy way out of the scotus-affair for the GOP. They only need to nominate Merrick Garland.


I'm sorry I'm so political these days, but am I right in assuming that Trump wants TikTok to become his primary medium now?

My diary is just like facebook, but for an audience of one.

If God wanted Americans to have guns, why didn't he say so in the Bible?

Looking into stage light controllers, and that is quite the rabbit hole to fall into.

I'm out of the loop.

There's an Apple event today?

Wow, is single issue voting a cynical affair.

I think capitalism is fed up with democracy finally making true on its promise to give power to more people and is now looking for a new running mate.

If gender truly is the social construct and sex the biological thing,


Six more years until it has been a quarter of a century.

I had a team meeting yesterday with all people in the same room and I must say I did miss the mute button.


So what is NHS doing with all those extra billions?

Pride month? What’s next, gluttony month?

US constitution 

I know next to nothing about the US constitution, but woulnd't the well-regulated militia that's supposedly guaranteeing the freedom fight /against/ police and federal troops, and not side by side with them?

Wow. “Nice city, shame something should happen to it” really takes the mobster to another level.

Maybe “As American as KKK“ is the more truthful version?

The good shepherd protects his flock from the fox. He doesn't give interviews on it.


So who are those radical extremists Trump is so afraid of? Sesame Street?

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