I have a question about that new Texas law -- I'm a foreigner, there's a lot I don't get.

Who pays those statuary damages awarded to anyone who wants to sue? Who is the liable party here?

@Konrad The person they file the lawsuit against. The clinic, the doctor, the receptionist, the parent the patient asked for advice, the friend who gave them the address of the clinic, someone who drove them there...

@feorlen So they could also sue them all and get money from them all?

@Konrad Yes, and the way the law is written allows a huge range of people. "Any person" who "aids and abets" or "intends to." That phrasing is regularly interpreted to include extremely tangential parties. That's the point.

Anybody can sue anybody over anything, and the target must fight or they lose by default. You can't just ignore it.

Usually a frivolous lawsuit risks having to pay the other party's legal costs, as penalty for wasting everyone's time. This law explicitly disallows that.

@feorlen And that is a law the supreme court is considering to let stay?

I knew the US was fucked. But fucked /that/ badly?

@Konrad a majority of the Supreme Court doesn’t have a problem with this, yup. And other states are lining up to enact identical laws.

@Konrad We're all furriners to the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Texas.

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