Listening to a podcast that called Simon Sinek a self-help author made me smile.

Oh. Apparently, Marcus Lamb didn't pray enough.

USpol cynicc 

Maybe if the Supreme Court could get the NRA on board with baby shootings, the whole abortion issue would be far more easy to be resolved.

@mdhughes But 2022 will be the year of Linux on the desktop. Just like every year since 1995.

Can somebody explain to me why Joe Rogan is such a celebrity?

@feorlen Indeed so.

A good friend is a SLP in a Florida nursing home.

I do feel lucky.

So weekend of online festival coming up. Let's see what that will be like!

Looking forward to the first "My Pronouns: She/Hulk“-Postings.

And in a random event, the TimeMachine hard drive for the laptop seems to have died on me this week.

Luckily, drives are cheap …

Day 2: getting all the backup things wired up again, so I can forget about them again only to discover, in a few months, that something has gone astray …

@feorlen No data loss, it's all good. But it was a day I'd rather have spent other ways.

@feorlen Nothing that couldn't be remedied, but … well. It showed me that I had let the backup thingy run unattended for too long.

Okay. So maybe it would make sense to check that your backup is running ever so often.

@hawaiiboy So what's the point? Preparing us for further catastrophies yet to come?

Was können wir eigentlich tun, um Männern endlich etwas besseres Verhältnis zu sich selbst zu geben?

Election day in germany.

Germany efficiency isn't quite what its rumored to be.

Some days, I feel like I'm standing on the toes of giants.

So where do I find Ping in this iTunes thing?

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