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At least, in previous times we didn't need two gadzillion passwords just to get through our day.

Getting a “the developer must update his application” as the only reply from the two factor authentication app on my phone is not cool. Way not coo.

When will razr release a product call occm?

Some days, I believe the marvel writers have a good unerstanding of IT processes and personnel.

“I am root!”


Ob der Janjosef bei den Quarkdenkern nur bessere Street Cred einsammeln will, weil er weiter für den regierungsgesteuerten Zentralfunkstaatsmedien arbeitet?

Having been pulled into the internet rabbit hole that is "EDC." I'm amazed at what people can get their panties into a knot over.

What an unfair judgement! What is a white cop to do now, when he wants to kill somebody?

I never thought we'd see SETI as moderate use of computational resources.

Well, bitcoin /has/ changed the world.

Handbag that needs lots of love: Tamagucci.

To those with a smartphone with broken glass:

There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

Vaccination envy. It's a thing.

I mean: I'm glad for every human who has been vaccinated. It's good for them, and it's also good for all of us.

But still, I'd also like to see a realistic chance of at least receiving anything this year.

Germany sucks.

Hey! I can't find Google Reader anymore!

This volume wheel on my new keyboard has gone from “Ahuh, who would ever need that” to “Dang, this keyboard doesn't have volume controls!” in no time.

Modern spiritual conflict: I'm a minimalist who wants to own all the toys.

I'm ancient now.

I no longer keep up with all the buzzwords.

(What's “edge computing?!“)

So we have the first covid death in the family.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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