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The weather at home isn't nice at all. I'm glad we're not there.

What I'd really like to have would be a TRS 80 Model 100 with a built-in raspberry pi. The keyboard, the display, but driving one of those little rascals. Or maybe even the Epson HX10 with its printer. But the keyboard of the TRS 80 was the better one.

enough with the minimalism already. I'm going to be a maximalist from now on.

Some of those who wander are definitely lost.

Practising mindfulness. But mindfully.

Reading the room is way easier when there's nobody in said room.

Good morning.

Today, we have maximum distance to christmas eve.

The great thing about WordPress is it's done so that everyone and their uncle can write plugins and themes.

The bad thing about WordPress is everyone and their uncle does.

Simon Sinek posting “Speak less. Say more” must be peak Internet irony.

The world is a complicated place. Obviously, sensitive and mindful bodybuilders are a thing now …

I do know that QAnon is drivel and a deranged minds idea of today's Bond Villain. But … what about that tech bro/powerbroker circle around Epstein in New York?

So I have this Apple Watch 2. And a new release of he OS is coming out.

But not on my watch.

Now, that was a new thing. Opening a PDF in Preview ruined it so that Acrobat Reader couldn't save it anymore when annotating it …

Few things in my daily working environment I hate more than Apple Mail knowing better than I do who is the intended recepient of an e-mail.

Is it a community of nerds or nerds of community?

Getting into the Zettelkasten style of note-taking and thinking.

I do remember the days when “leatherman” did make me think other things than multitools.

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