I’m worried about @radioactive. It will be a long couple of days. I miss her. Even her ice cold hands.

@radioactive made a Cream cheese and bacon pasta tonight. It was amazing.

How is everyone? I've not been permitted to check my stuff much during work until the new job started.

@radioactive is the most incredible woman I have ever met. From the second she walked into my life every moment has been great. I hope everyone one day finds the one that makes them feel the same way.

Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I just now got the notifications.

2 years ago today I had a first date with @radioactive. It was a great day and 2 years later I am glad I asked her out. She is amazing and I love her so much.

I hate people that blame other people for bad things in life. Especially parents towards children. Just admit you are at fault and don't take it out on others.

At a hotel with the amazing @radioactive .
No random naked woman knocking on the door at 2 in the morning. The curse is broken!

All a man needs is the love of an amazing woman. I found mine. Thank you for everything @radioactive

I brought @radioactive into the Diablo 3 world. I think I created an addiction for her.

Work is different now. Filed for a department transfer and had the managers all over me doing anything for me so I will stay where I am. See what happens.

Someone is walking around outside saying bring out your dead. Either they like the movie or they are one disturbed individual.

A gift from @radioactive she is as incredible as she is beautiful. Thank you and I love you.

Good morning everyone. It is a great day. Rain :)
I would be the happy guy living in Seattle with all the rain. Everyone else would be complaining.

I just bought a coffee pot... Not sure what I will do with this strange contraption.

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