Hello friends how’s everyone doing?

A couple of days ago I wiped my MBA hard drive because I want sell it off I can. After wiping it however, without re installing the OS, I switched off the computer. Now I don’t know how to install OS...

Okie dokie, writing in the **Morning Pages** completed, while sipping a coffee in the couch. Feel good!

Just realized, it has been an year that I stopped going for church prayer group meetings which is mainly focussed on praise & worship, word of god & some fellowship afterwards. Has it been working well for me...? I am not too sure though.

Perhaps the key difference between creating a shortcut on iOS and using textexpander app to create templates is that iOS shortcuts work with only a selected number of apps where text expander snippets can be used to expand any text as a template almost in any other app

How's my friends here today? Me having a solo glass of vodka🍸

It has been rather tough week. Ain't I glad weekend is approaching. How are y'all my friends?

I just posted on the other side

> Happiness is not eternal.

I have just six hours to get some sleep before I must wake up to from wifey to the airport tomorrow morning.

That's said nobody seems to be here right now. I can understand that.

Dinner completed and garbage cleared. House doors locked. Dishes done. Early rise tomorrow. That means it's time to take meds and get some sleep.

Hello friends, I'm Standing in the backyard with a nice glass of vodka and a Cuban cigar just for a change

There are a few people in this world who genuinely care about me

What does it mean by Federated Timeline here? You know, I am still a newbie here.

I can have another coffee, honestly. Perhaps this time I go under the neem tree.

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