OK now I've got an iOS client for Mastodon that allows me to switch instances easily. So maybe I'll be here a little more often.

Why is my home timeline empty but the local timeline is populated?

Thing 2 is now talking about trying . Not sure my wife was expecting that. I certainly didn't encourage it, except possibly by example. She's a carb addict, so it's gonna be tough if she goes there.

Enabled IPv6 on the home Internet. Doubt anyone will notice or care.

No desire to go out into the Black Fridayness so I won't.

Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving today is having an uneventful, stress-free holiday. For the rest of you, Happy Thursday.

Just reviewed my lifetime miles on United and Delta.

United (going back to the early 1990s): 409,233
Delta (going back to 2010, becoming my primary airline in 2015): 532,222

That’s a lot of shiny metal tube time.

Ok that’s weird, my firewall thinks appdot.net is unkosher. Will have to fix that.

Back in the US from Israel but still far from home. Heading to North Carolina later today.

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Since applying these filters as suggested by @PhoneBoy, my Twitter feed has been much shorter & less full of shite.

Not stretchy 38s. They fit before I washed them, we'll see after. Considering I used to be a stretchy 54, this is a milestone. appdot.net/media/m7ecskS2vNV7U

Keeping my weight at around 230 pounds/105 kilos for six months while undertaking significant travel is...an accomplishment.

The weight trend lines may finally be going in the right direction again. 🤞🏻 appdot.net/media/aC0NDcRvo2GZq

Another good reason for not eating a high carbohydrate diet: "Monsanto wins" when you do.


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