You regularly scheduled cat pics and SQL talk has been interrupted by hockey talk.

They won 7-2 tonight and I know it’s just preseason but it’s exciting especially when it’s against the Kings.

I don’t see much sports over here so maybe I should blow this up with Vegas Golden Knights coverage. 😂

On a Saturday I could’ve slept in I’m up at 06:30. Go figure.

Finally finished off our living room with the coffee table.

We haven’t named it yet like we have our other mid century finds. It takes awhile to figure out the right name.

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Newest edition to our family. This is a 1960s Bassett Furniture office desk.

Trying to play Telengard on my phone browser.

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I say this instance is a brilliant move all around!

It seems like no one from my generation went by their given name. It's just a weird thing I noticed recently.

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