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Also Urban was a great Bones. Those movies had some issues but it wasn’t with the chosen actors. They were fantastic.

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Also I didn’t know his name was Karl-Heinz until I started watching The Boys.

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I started watching The Boys last week and I’m ripping through them. Karl-Heinz Urban is always great in anything.

The chimera ant arc is a little brutal.

I’ve only seen a couple rats in Vegas in 20+ years but I’m sure there are tons of them somewhere.

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Why did I not know that Alberta, Canada has been winning the war against rats for 70+ years?

My daughter says, “there is an epidemic of mustaches right now”

Nichelle Nichols passed away. 😢

I very rarely cry about celebrity deaths but this one hurts more than any others for me.

@thatkruegergirl Did you get moved off of Ulysses? Did you still need a sub for it?

Just my semi-regular notice that you should listen to The Regrettes. Here’s my  Music playlist if you’re into that sort of thing.

Who doesn’t remember that old Brooks and Dunn song “Boost Tootin Boogie”?

Boosting Toots is the name of my next country band

I just need to figure out what I want to listen to on my drive. I’ve waffling between books about history or sci-fi.

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I start my new job tomorrow with a 9.5 hour drive to Albuquerque New Mexico.

I read the book years ago but I’m about to do a lot of traveling so a nice long audiobook would be perfect.

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