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Hi. I'm Saket from the Netherlands.


I believe is key to our survival.

Fascists, racists, TERFs, misogynists, etc., give me a wide berth (ideally so wide you fall off the edge of your platform into open-mindedness)

I'm interested in conversations with thoughtful conversationalists on topics such as: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Plese boost for reach: Why have a single person, or even a team, working on accessibility? In an organization, in a company, in a dev team, in any collective that works on software, media, books, art... Everyone should be focused on accessibility in anything they create for others. If you are, then everyone else has a better time! Maybe someone wants to read a picture, or hear a book, or relax their eyes while doing computer work. It helps *everyone* when everyone is included. #a11y

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Would you like to help #SummerSchool ?

We need moderators! Check out the following link- if you have questions please ask

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Q: What do you call a developer who keeps getting confused by problems coming from all over the entire technical stack?

A: A full-stuck developer.

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We need a CVE-2022-666 "All Google Products Leak your Personal History And They Refuse To Fix It". Although, the date should probably be CVE-2005-666 or even earlier.

Rant on the human condition 

Why, when having the option to be kind and generous, do so many humans default to being brutish, petty & cruel?

I’m still pretty convinced it has a lot to do with surviving the trauma of life: survival is hard & it scars people.

Unfortunately, so few of us learn from our experiences. Often we end up inflicting our own deformities on others.

It would be awesome if we had role models of what a truly healthy human being looks like.

Sadly, I don’t think they exist.

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If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the EU, you can find information on our webpage about:

🚸Children protection
🎓 Education


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This is important. Very, *very* important.

Like, "human extinction"-level important.

> John Deere’s decision to build ag-tech that can be remotely controlled [and] disabled, along with its [total monopoly], means that anyone who compromises its system puts the world’s food-supply at risk.

> John Deere has extraordinarily terrible information security.

This is great. So, so great.

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So, anyone know of a company in Europe willing to hire and import a software engineer from the US? Asking for a friend.

Climate, Economics Rant 

Governments & businesses currently complaining about the cost of green energy transitions give me the same vibe as my teen complaining they don’t have enough money to buy <thing-they-must-have> when we’ve been warning them to stop wasting money for months.

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@frox I was a bit vague on purpose there by not specifying "the field". There is no such consensus in the wider computing science community because the AI and blockchain and IoT researchers want to keep on doing their thing. But in the low-carbon/sustainable computing field, there is a consensus that there is no tech fix. The best paper to my mind is this one:
It looks at AI, IoT and blockchain.

Quantum computing is not covered but it is a red herring because nobody really sees it as a viable low-carbon technology in the next two decades.

The issue with space industry and global warming is discussed here:

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July is Disability pride month so buy books from Disabled writers, including POC Disabled writers. If you'd like to toss something my way, visit

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"When you take a step back and look at the playing field of an algorithm-controlled society and how it influences people, the view is absurd. It’s not inclusive, it’s not equitable and it’s not in any way attentive to human wellbeing." - @axbom

The inkiness of sleek black fur makes him look like a sleeker, more interesting silhouette.

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Capitalism is a race to the top from an individuals perspective.

But a race to the bottom from a societal perspective.

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"Deep beneath the Ukrainian port city of Odesa lies one of the world's largest underground labyrinths. The catacombs there, which date back to the early 1800s when limestone was mined for the city's grand structures, have served as a Cold War bunker, a World War II refuge for Soviet fighters, and a hideout for smugglers over the years. With 2,500 kilometers of tunnels, Odesa's catacombs are two to three times bigger than those of Paris and London combined."

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Watching @neauoire struggle with bandwidth with "common" services and app made me realize I did not share this amazing article series.
A dev at a fortune 20 company tries to make their website work on 60$ phones and terrible bandwidth. And he is successful, but it will never be implemented. Those articles are quite technical, but pictures all the shortcomings of our current web dev tools, and why it won't change soon.

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Kijk, dit dus. Die ellende waait over uit Amerika. We waren er hier toch grotendeels uit, maar blijkbaar beleeft agressief demonstreren en geladen lulkoek verkopen voor de deuren van een medische instelling een opleving. Hoe kan ik het duidelijker zeggen dan dat iedereen die niet de zwangere vrouw in kwestie of haar arts is zich er niet mee moet bemoeien?

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if you've looked at moving off github in the past and ended up extremely unimpressed by the janky ui and bugs of gitlab, i don't blame you. but please give and other gitea sites a second look; they are head and shoulders above gitlab in usability and stability.

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