Vegan wine, Some profanity 

If you use the AR code on the bottle and then point the phone camera at the front of the wine label it activates this AR experience. 🤣

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Vegan wine, Some profanity 

We got Neleman wine and it had the following labels on the box and the bottle!

Additionally, there’s an AR experience you can access with your smartphone (see next toot)!

We got a special delivery from the supermarket today.

We have a theory, @ClaudetteK and I. Bear with us.

1. All black cats appear the same
2. Schroedinger’s cat was able to enter a quantum state.
3. Ergo, it is possible all black cats are simply the same cat in quantum superposition.
4. You’re welcome.

US Pol, Trump, Orson Welles, Animaniacs 🤷🏽‍♂️ 

This morning I saw this tweet by Patton Oswalt on the birdsite poking fun at Trump’s outtakes aired by the Jan 6 commission.

I didn’t catch Oswalt’s “Crumb crisp coating” reference, so I looked it up & ended up going down a brilliant rat-hole!

The quote is from an infamous Orson Welles audio recording of him grouchily recording an ad:

Rather brilliantly, the Animaniacs paid brilliant homage to this clip:

On our way through Belgium and we needed a pit stop. We let Apple Maps guide us to a restaurant and found this place. 😍

Gorgeous space, lovely staff, a great play space and good food. A little oasis. 🏝

I can see him thinking: “Thank god my primates are locked inside their habitat!”

The inkiness of sleek black fur makes him look like a sleeker, more interesting silhouette.

It feels like George Carlin was right about everything.

He really must’ve been from the future!

Our cat is fascinated by Prehistoric Planet (and who can blame him?)

I saw the following toot on which recommended blocking the instance. I see a followbot from that instance has started following some accounts here.

@joshuanozzi I tried using the report function but it didn’t seem to work for me.

“The world is driving you to drink and it doesn’t even have a license.” - @ClaudetteK

Which ones of these are not like the others? 🤣

Source: @peter_f_martin on the bird site.

I’m really digging the little pachyderm that pops up at the bottom of the screen when I toot using the Toot app!


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