@Shawna I'm sure you’ll do terrible. And then you’ll do great. Or maybe you’ll skip the terrible part. Have faith and hang on.

@Ronnie That's usually the point of a birthday…😉

@radioactive @larand @Ronnie I barely looked at them before. I think I already have more toots here than any other instance! 🤣

@Ronnie *whispers* Happy birthday to you…🎶🎈

@cn @henry Me. In as far as I can be considered sentient.

@Indigo Nice! Since they’re not perfect, send them over and you can try again. I’ll help dispose of them.

@der_Jeff I just realized we should probably NSFW these!

@radioactive Likewise! We must stop meeting like this! 🤣

@GadgetComa It might be a bit of a challenge…but if you’re paying, I’m there!! 😁

This place looks vaguely familiar. And yet, I’ve never been here before? 🧐

How’s everyone doing? And where’s the party?

May contain nuts. 

@cn Much better!

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