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Teaching myself the Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics (

It’s something I’ve tried to do since my teens but I always found the working memory required onerous. Now, after maybe 10-15 hours of investment I’ve learned most of the system and am really liking it.

Sometimes it feels like it’s easier to learn some things after one’s brain “ripens”. 😅

Vegan wine, Some profanity 

If you use the AR code on the bottle and then point the phone camera at the front of the wine label it activates this AR experience. 🤣

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Vegan wine, Some profanity 

We got Neleman wine and it had the following labels on the box and the bottle!

Additionally, there’s an AR experience you can access with your smartphone (see next toot)!

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This month we still need €213 to cover all costs for,,,, and more, more more! :cat_hug_triangle:

Ofc I'm gonna do my best to pay it all but since everything is soo expensive already I could use every bit of help.. ❤️

Please think about supporting, if not me perhaps your own server admin :cat_hug_triangle::fediverse:

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The way English-speakers pronounce various words has drifted considerably over the last 400 years, even when the spelling of the words has not changed. Shakespeare wrote all of his sonnets to follow the traditional rhyme scheme of the English sonnet; read aloud by an English-speaker today, two-thirds no longer rhyme.

The Original Pronunciation (OP) movement aims to encourage public performances of Shakespeare's works (and other works written in Old and Early Modern English) using the pronunciations that were in use when they were originally published.

In 2012 the British Library published a CD, "Shakespeare's Original Pronunciation," featuring 75 minutes of OP performances of excerpts from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. Theatres around the world have also mounted productions of Shakespeare in OP, including the modern Globe Theatre in London.

This video provides a good introduction to OP, including some sample readings in both OP and modern pronunciation that illustrate the differences.

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Someone on fedi called advertising "pollution" and that's a perfect descriptor.

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We got a special delivery from the supermarket today.

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"To maximise efficiency of production, the farming landscape has become one of monocultures, with single crops across whole fields, areas or even regions. A single species of plant across a large area is something that never exists in nature because it’s incompatible with a healthy ecosystem. As such, it requires a constant battle against nature’s attempts to reintroduce diversity.. "

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Sociale media bestaan bij de gratie van het 'netwerkeffect': hoe meer gebruikers een platform heeft, hoe bruikbaarder het wordt. (Waarom gebruikt iedereen Whatsapp? Omdat iedereen Whatsapp gebruikt!)

Ik wil wel een poging doen het netwerkeffect van Mastodon aan te zwengelen. Doe je mee?

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Gisteravond had onze kat een levend muizenspeeltje meegebracht (het mag dan een huiskat zijn, het blijft natuurlijk gewoon een jager). Hij had hem verder niet beschadigd. We hebben het beestje veilig gesteld en in een oud terrarium laten bijkomen. Vanochtend hebben we het veldmuisje weer uitgezet.

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Are you a renowned #HumanRights expert?

We are looking for 11 experts to join our prestigious Scientific Committee.


For more and to apply, see here:
📌Closes: 19 September

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"Mute conversation" is a great thing, but I would love a "mute conversation starting from this toot" or "mute replies to this toot" (same thing) too.

There are long-winded conversations I find super useful, but they often have a branch or two that I could really do without.

#Fediverse #FeatureRequest

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What happened in Kansas?

More than 900,000 people voted on a proposed constitutional amendment to remove abortion protections. That’s more than 25% more votes than were cast in the state’s Republican and Democratic Senate primaries. It's about two-thirds of the number of votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s a stunningly high level of voting for a measure put on the ballot in August, or really any ballot measure at all.

This wasn’t just a pro-choice win. It was a drubbing. Biden lost KS by 9 points. Pro-choice may win by 20 points.

Thanks to all Kansans who wemt door-to-door, everyone who wrote postcards to get information out and encourage turnout, and to all Kansans who voted ‘no.’ This is a huge deal.

Get out the vote efforts are important. Voting is important.

Opinion | Kansas just gave forced-birth zealots a reason to be very afraid:
The Dobbs backlash is real.

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One in a million shot. #photography #lightning


Crazy photo from tonight’s storm sent to me by Debbie Parker from Hardy County, WV. 😳

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This morning’s bee rescue. This little one and a friend were resting on a busy sidewalk by the park. The friend managed to fly away quite quickly but this one needed a little rest in the shade to recover. Managed to fly away eventually though :)

They’re such gentle, lovely creatures. Can’t believe I used to be scared of them as a kid. (Mostly because I mixed them up with wasps… now those bastards are nasty.)

#honeybee 💕🐝

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