We picked this up today. Needs some touch ups and a good cleaning but soon it will have a name.

I was in one of those 2 lanes merge into one lane drive thru lines at McDonald’s when a man jumped out of his car and yelled at another car. I’m guessing the merge wasn’t happening the way the yelling guy thought it should happen. Anyway, my thoughts on this...hangry is a real thing people...also I feel like McDonald’s is just asking for this to happen with that set up.

Ochem exam finally graded...top score! Just call me curve killer 😁

Gotta get up on 5 and a half hours🙄

Peace out ✌️

Just found out we have Dr Mario on the switch....this is not going to be good for my ochem grade...

Today is the day. First I’m off to poison myself in lab for 3 hours then head off for the first exam of the semester. I’m thinking I may have scheduled those classes wrong...

Anyway, I’ll brighten your day with cute little egg butt 😊

We’ve been using this app called Tody to distribute chores around the house and for 2 weeks I was checking things off as my daughter and I’m a little salty about it. I’ve got a lot of ground to make up this month.

I have my first ochem exam this week. My professor begged people not to drop after it. He said the first one is always bad but it gets better. I’m scared.


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