T-Mobile was terrible with the increased dropped calls, I switched to AT&T today and so far I’m pretty satisfied and proudly own the Max now as well

Someone at work handed me this rock, post to the Facebook group and then either hand it to someone else or hide it for someone to find it. While I still have it, I’ll eventually will surrender it to someone to continue passing it on..

I have not seen @ivyandgoldx@4eva.online posted in awhile 🤔

A lot of care and effort has gone into creating my App Store page's screenshots and app previews, and just generally making the entire page look as good as possible (including iMessage and Watch screenshots too). Really hoping to be featured. 🤞

My grandma thinks KIA Souls are ugly and I disagree 🙄

New test 


Listening to Forever and Ever, Amen, by Randy Travis 🎵

At least this guy isn’t telling me a heartbreaking story like yesterday. I still can’t get over that one, it involved a dog

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