So while I was in that meeting introducing my team to Bobby Tables, infosec reported someone trying to exploit prod with a SQL injection.

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I got out of bed at 3 AM today, so I could snatch up sumo tickets for next month’s event. Totally worth it. 😁

I do like this iOS 12 feature, a lot! (I have a QI charger on my desk at home, so it stays very charged up)


Such a relief. Air traffic is restarting also.

In the same timeframe, my girlfriend has flown to the moon. ( > 300,000 km )

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This how much I have flown with KLM since May 2009. (Earlier flights did not get registered apparently). 49 flights, 182 hours, 12 destinations and a very reasonable 112 kilos of baggage. 7 days and 14 hours in the air! Woooo 😁🤓

That concludes this evenings session with ansible. This time, building scaffolding for a new business unit. Gotta make this one clever.

I plan on blaming all future typos on Sylvester.

holy crap, at this rate I hope Kansai Airport will be operational again when I fly there.

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