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Gazprom has just cut off Finland from gas supplies for the "crime" of paying in Euros and not giving in to Russian blackmail.

Can we suppose the other countries have followed the European Commission helpful advice on how to cheat on their own sanctions?

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There we are, fellow Germans. Laughingstock of Europe. Thanks, @Bundeskanzler. twitter.com/minna_alander/stat

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//BREAKING NEWS // We have occupied the mansion of the russian oligarch Igor Schuwalow at the Attersee, Austria.

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👇🏽 I've been shocked by the number of we have to wait and see takes. No, you don't. How do you achieve a better future if you don't imagine it & actively plan for it? Ofc it's complex, that why you plan for it. & when did planning ever exclude contingencies? twitter.com/APHClarkson/status

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What I find most striking about the German debate on the war: how ignorantly it glosses over the fact that Germany has been wrong on almost all relevant dossiers in the lead-up to the war: Ukraine, Russia, Putin, central and eastern European security, defence, energy,…

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"well im a fascist now, and its your fault." - every billionaire after getting roasted online

"We live in a wondrous time, in which the strong are weak because of their scruples and the weak grow strong because of their audacity."

-Otto Von Bismarck

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Have a 12yo boy fatherless & y’all want to deep dive on which social media platform was used and how this psycho’s mouth felt.

Miss me with it.

Write a think piece instead on how to address THIS boy’s PTSD. How to get him and others the care they will need. To fix THEIR pain.

Polish president Duda spoke about a touching meeting with Zelensky on the eve of the Russian invasion: "In the end, Zelensky said, 'Andrzej, it may be our last conversation'"

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Full genome sequence of a monkeypox case in a Belgian patient has also just been posted, and protein coding sequence appears identical to that of a sequence from 2018 from the UK (linked to Nigeria). OK so then I was completely wrong... virological.org/t/belgian-case

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1.3 million in were forcibly deported to different regions of .

9,500 temporary accommodation facilities for Ukrainians have been created in Russia, reports its Ministry of Defense.

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Russia has deported more than one million Ukrainian citizens. This graphic shows the camps to which residents of occupied (and destroyed) Mariupol have been sent. twitter.com/dkaleniuk/status/1

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Weil ja viele denken, Millionen und Milliarden wären irgendwie dasselbe, hier mal eine grafische Aufbereitung von Schäden durch Betrugsfälle als Entscheidungshilfe beim Setzen von Prioritäten in der Strafverfolgung.

Kremlin propaganda is directly responsible for Russia's genocide in Ukraine, war-crime investigators say

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Since Mt Pinatubo erupted on June 12 1991 humans have emitted 22,600 Mt Pinatubo eruptions worth of CO₂.

Which is a lot.

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