Wordle 414 6/6


Today's : a snail returning from a week's holiday.

Wordle 405 3/6


Today's : a worm stuck in a hole.

Wordle 403 5/6


Today's : simply can't tell you how long it took to get today's word.

Wordle 401 2/6


Today's is over the moon at such an easy route to success. But where's the pain, the angst, of nearing the bottom line without a solution? Where‽

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Speaking of cats, I'd forgotten to book Mollie cat into the local cattery for the week we're away during the the school holidays. I was extraordinarily lucky* that as we've used them since 2008 (covid lockdown years excepted) they could fit her in by moving between pens as other cats leave. But it was touch and go, I thought I'd have to go somewhere else, or stop home while the family went!

It's probably not the number of times we've used them, it's more likely to be that they felt my panic. 😱

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We have a theory, @ClaudetteK and I. Bear with us.

1. All black cats appear the same
2. Schroedinger’s cat was able to enter a quantum state.
3. Ergo, it is possible all black cats are simply the same cat in quantum superposition.
4. You’re welcome.

"Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?"

- Marv Levy, one-time coach of the NFL's Buffalo Bills

I think he said it a long long time ago, before the first of their 4 Super Bowl appearances. Here's a bonus video:

Wordle 400 6/6


Today's : Not today, it's a failing Tetris game.

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Jack calls an ambulance for his friend who has been hit by a car, and the operator asks for his location. Jack says, “I’m outside 28 Eucalyptus Road.”

The operator wants to make sure he got that right, so he asks “How do you spell that?" There’s shuffling and sounds of straining at the other end of the phone. “Jack?” says the operator, concerned. More shuffling and grunting.

“Sorry about that” says Jack. “Now we’re on Oak Street. O-A-K.”

Wordle 399 4/6


Today's : another Nokia worm.

Wordle 397 3/6


Today's : a Nokia worm.

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I am begging you, writers of Earth. No more walls of text. Either indent the start of each paragraph by a couple spaces, or put a blank line, even half a line, between paragraphs.
Wall of Text bang up against the start like this is unreadable.
And an entire book like this is going to make me stab your eyes out so you don't perpetrate more books, and feed them to the Crows.
Now you know. And knowing is half the keeping your eyes in your head.

Wordle 396 3/6


Today's is quite flat.

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The most recent for I've seen is...

Was it Herr Mercedes
Or was it Mister Benz
Invented an engine with
Both big and small ends?

A large block of metal
Parts moving internal
Pipes connected external
Devices labelled infernal

Lead added to petrol
To smooth out the knocks
Doomed entire generations
Time bombs, ticking clocks

The future's electric
Or powered by human
A future for people
Is the only conclusion.

/ @tanweerdar

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Today's #MastoPrompt for #SmallPoems #Poetry is...


The poem can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

spammers, give up 

Spammers: you're wasting time sending ME emails. You're targeting things I don't want, things unimportant even in a country I don't live in & you're masquerading as representatives of businesses I cannot shop at.

It's comforting in a way that none of the ≈150/day are matched to what I need spam to be:

1. Absent,
2. Relevant,
3. Insidiously building to have me click something, maybe in a moment of madness I've not had many of since I got online over a quarter of a century ago.

Wordle 395 4/6


Today's has overestimated its ability to see out of the toboggan.

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My wife told me I was talking in my sleep a lot last night but when I asked what I was saying she admitted she wasn't listening.

So sleeping me gets the same amount of respect as awake me.

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