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I’m going to keep sharing this until people get it

Throwing it out into the ether: can someone send me $12 to clear out an accidental iTunes charge that is blocking my account? Just, everything is wrong. Thanks

OMG. I am no longer being evicted. The city paid off my entire lease. I hate this apartment—it’s haunted by so many ghosts I want to escape—but I’m not going to be on the street!!!!

I would love to return to the Academy. Focus on Cultural Studies, especially the effect burgeoning technology has on the development of culture. YouTube stars existing as nothing more than simulacra.

The brand having more power than identity when analyzing Instagram and “Influencers” whose whole purpose is to create nothing as meaning.

We have a world now where language and icons are discarded for the Icon, the rotating signifier with no signified

I want a normal life. I’m tired of being shit on. My wife left me, the woman I’m madly in love with is in another state, my degree means nothing—I live in poverty. I know so much stuff and I am very smart, but I have a damn mental illness that restructures the world for me and nothing is “normal.”

It’s anxiety. It’s depression. It’s mania. It’s delusions.

I want my Cybersecurity certification and to just have a steady job

TL is full of people shitting on free speech because hate speech is bad. Hate speech isn't protected speech, and doesn't normally fall under "free speech." If you act like it does you're doing the nazi's bidding by promoting their ideas of what speech should be protected on the one hand, and authoritarian control of ideas on the other.

Of course you might just not like that people have the right to voice ideas and opinions that contradict yours. In that case you've crossed over from dangerous idiot to malicious idiot.

After stopping the meds, my kidney function returned to better than normal.

They never fixed my shoulder.

And got home today to see the sheriff ringing my doorbell multiple times. Then banging on my window. He was serving an eviction notice.

I hid motionless in the dark for 30 minutes.

Good thing I move out thus week

So, I ended up in the hospital again. The physical hospital, not a nightmarish mental hospital. I fell on my shoulder months ago and the pain kept getting worse and worse.

Ended up I couldn’t move it without screaming. Went to the ER. Got an X-ray. Then found out I was in acute renal failure.

Got admitted to the hospital whilst weeping. 4 days of IV fluid, blood tests, med changes. Seems that the nsaids I was using to treat my shoulder were killing my kidneys...

Why is it so hard for sexual people to understand that you can show physical affection without having it turn into sexual attraction?

I want cuddles. I want hugs. I want to be kissed and stroked. I don’t want sex.

Best of Pocket? This is superficial advice coming from someone who glanced at CBT and DBT. You can’t just *stop* your thoughts. You can challenge them, you can recognize they exist and not allow them to affect you, but your thoughts are real and important.

I spent 3 months in intensive therapy learning how to control my thoughts. This article is insulting

Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head

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My first published book. It’s on or or all the major retailers. But honestly, if you’d like to read it, DM me and I’ll send you a copy

The Art of Self-Destruction

Oh no 😞. The Cheeto did it. He declared a National Emergency for his racist monument

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Just bought Flower on Steam. First game I’ve bought for my pc in ages.

Dude was an asshole, but he was spot on with many things

I am heartsick. My wife and I are separated. Have been for two years. Our relationship is actually stronger now than when we were together. We’re going to get a divorce but she has to renew her Permanent Resident Card in 2020. She’s saving to become a citizen, but with the Orange Stain in office, we don’t want to risk it.

Her entire life is here. She has nothing back in the UK. Nobody and nothing. 10 years building a life here. I say postponing a divorce so she can stay is an ok sacrifice

I want to follow more people on  Music. I’m not a fan of Spotify and like the Friend’s Mix  Music creates. Here’s my profile if you want to follow me

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