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Madonna and the Beastie Boys doing what they do. 1985. Iโ€™m old.

Mary Wallace, first female bus driver for Chicago Transit Authority. In 1974. 1974 for the first female bus driver. It took that long.

This was the first town I lived in when I moved to the UK. Grays. It was in Essex and had one of the two major shopping malls in the country, Lakeside. Iโ€™d go there everyday. I made a good friend in Waterstones, Mark Ellerby. He draws great comics and now works for Image. Also the food court had a good Indian restaurant.

Ugg. Anyone else on iOS 13 having problems with iCloud photos? I get errors trying to open a photo thatโ€™s on iCloud and thereโ€™s a ! In the bottom right hand corner.

Iโ€™ve turned off iCloud Photos, deleted what was on my phone, restarted, turned iCloud photos back on and either nothing happens or empty thumbnails appear. I wait about 3 hours and the photos still havenโ€™t loaded.

Iโ€™ve even done a complete restore to see if that fixed it. Nope. And the iCloud Photo status remains 1% forever

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I got new glasses. Changed the style after 10 years. I also got drenched in a surprise rain storm

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Where are all these stupid from? And howโ€™d they get to be so dumb?

One more pill to kill the pain
One more pill to kill the pain
โ€œThe Decline by NOFXโ€

This is scary. Is it the beginning of compiling and storing people in a database for constant monitoring? London is saturated with cameras. New York has followed suit. Those cameras that record you entering a Walgreens could access the database and record your every movement.

Is privacy almost completely destroyed?

Throwing it out into the ether: can someone send me $12 to clear out an accidental iTunes charge that is blocking my account? Just, everything is wrong. Thanks

OMG. I am no longer being evicted. The city paid off my entire lease. I hate this apartmentโ€”itโ€™s haunted by so many ghosts I want to escapeโ€”but Iโ€™m not going to be on the street!!!!

I would love to return to the Academy. Focus on Cultural Studies, especially the effect burgeoning technology has on the development of culture. YouTube stars existing as nothing more than simulacra.

The brand having more power than identity when analyzing Instagram and โ€œInfluencersโ€ whose whole purpose is to create nothing as meaning.

We have a world now where language and icons are discarded for the Icon, the rotating signifier with no signified

I want a normal life. Iโ€™m tired of being shit on. My wife left me, the woman Iโ€™m madly in love with is in another state, my degree means nothingโ€”I live in poverty. I know so much stuff and I am very smart, but I have a damn mental illness that restructures the world for me and nothing is โ€œnormal.โ€

Itโ€™s anxiety. Itโ€™s depression. Itโ€™s mania. Itโ€™s delusions.

I want my Cybersecurity certification and to just have a steady job

TL is full of people shitting on free speech because hate speech is bad. Hate speech isn't protected speech, and doesn't normally fall under "free speech." If you act like it does you're doing the nazi's bidding by promoting their ideas of what speech should be protected on the one hand, and authoritarian control of ideas on the other.

Of course you might just not like that people have the right to voice ideas and opinions that contradict yours. In that case you've crossed over from dangerous idiot to malicious idiot.

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