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Hey, so my books are currently free at the moment from my publisher Smashwords
for . If you haven't read them, now is the time to pick them up. Thanks!

2,224 words on the new book tonight. Our heroes have been driven into a swamp and it's not going to be a fun time for them! I'm over 42k words, now, which I think is a little over a third done! Not bad for three weeks. 😎πŸͺΆ

#amwriting #amwritingfantasy #darkfantasy


No, holding someone's identity to ransom for 'good behavior' is never okay.

This includes deciding not to use their chosen name. Even an online one if it's the one they go by in their community.

Basically, if you're changing how you address/refer to someone to show contempt, you're in the wrong.

Can an iOS app developer tell me why there is a glut of .io games and why this junk is so popular? Data mining?

I took a walk before the sun decided to flash fry everyone.

I didn’t realize how lovely my neighborhood is! I love living here!

Apparently I’m both Diana Troy AND Q! Like they have so much in common πŸ˜‚

I’ll empathically put all of humanity on trial!

Because I care about you when I’m annoying the hell out of you πŸ’–β€οΈ

Anyone dumb like me and on the iOS 14 Beta?

Of course I’m an idiot and running it on my only device

Political rant 

The 2020 election cycle has shown us that easy access to the whole of human knowledge doesn't make us more intelligent.

It has exposed humanity as idiots.

Social Media is a Toilet.

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know how to do https verification with for this instance?

I’m not a developer. But I understand Apple creating a walled garden with its ecosystem. My mom has an Android phone and I’m having to constantly remove malware and spyware from the β€œlegitimate” apps she’s gets from the Play store.

As for the 30% fee Apple imposes, I would think that’s a bit high if I were a developer limited to the App Store.

CEO of Epic Games says App Store is an 'absolute monopoly'

Just to be safe. Mentions current events 

Apparently pissed off someone on Facebook calling out their racism. I got an alert on my phone someone was trying to login to my ο£Ώ Account.

Then my Google. Then my Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. All the majors.

No Mastodon though. Or my website.

All 2FA. All complex passwords.

Don't try to break into accounts of someone who studied Cybersecurity.

I'm waiting for the phishing email πŸ˜‚

Is there a good, system-wide ad blocker for iOS? I'm using AdGuard, but it's missing a lot. Or I've configured it wrong

Oh, only 3 more days to get my books for ! I talk about Simulation and Simulacra and the hyper-real and branded identity and becoming a cyborg in one. Way before @ElonMusk!

Check ’em out:
Send me a message if you get them

Oh, only 4 more days to get my books free for ! You know you want to.

I talk about Simulation and Simulacra and the hyper-real and branded identity and becoming a cyborg in one. Way before Elon Musk!

Anyway, check them out here

Send me a message if you've read them. I rarely get feedback

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