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This is scary. Is it the beginning of compiling and storing people in a database for constant monitoring? London is saturated with cameras. New York has followed suit. Those cameras that record you entering a Walgreens could access the database and record your every movement.

Is privacy almost completely destroyed?

@caycepollard London being saturated with cameras is a bit of an overstatement in my opinion - lots of cameras in some places and absolutely none in others. Approximately 1 in every 3 cameras in London is a decoy, and only 1 in 2 is actually recorded. A lot of the figures for CCTV cameras also include things like red light cameras and traffic congestion cameras, which in my opinion shouldn’t be included in the statistics.

@emery Hmmm, when I was living there, CCTV was ubiquitous. And that was 10 years ago. I just assumed installations carried on

@caycepollard they did to an extent but also people realised that too much CCTV remarkably reduces the effectiveness of it. It became over concentrated in certain areas and also the cost of maintaining it went up as a result of increased data-gathering legislation - hence why about half of all working cameras aren’t even recorded.

@emery So in effect it’s a matter of complete overcompensating. Too much information to sift thru, so nothing is seen. Lol. I’m just worried when they spin this up for minority groups. Instead of complete saturation, focus on race or skin color or religious actions or anti-state actions.

Boom! Get stored on a database ready to be dredged up in 6 years

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