Any idea why Apple moved Safari’s URL bar to the BOTTOM of the screen in iOS 15? It’s…a bit irritating to use.

@caycepollard They're rolling back some of the annoying new Safari design on desktop, so good chance they'll do the same on iOS 15; which note is beta, don't run that on any device you care about yet!

@mdhughes @caycepollard As our phones are now so big now, companies are trying to make it easier for people to reach for that bar. I know it's annoying but it's not just Apple that's experimenting with this. Chrome on Android is also experimenting with the bottom URL and it's already happened on iOS. It's similar to tabs on the bottom.

@joe @caycepollard My complaint is the floatyness. I'm fine with moving the bar down but currently it overlaps content.


@joe @mdhughes I agree. A lot of sites are having buttons blocked or links blocked by the floaty bar. It’s annoying

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