4 is good for a hard word today

Wordle 327 4/6


@caycepollard Isn't it satisfying, the closer to failure one gets with this. ;)


@bazbt3 I got lucky on my 3rd word. Everything was answered then. But it is satisfying.

@caycepollard I thought I'd hit the jackpot with line 2!

Mine from earlier:

Wordle 327 5/6


Today's : a snail about to experience the fallout from a kinetic energy weapon.

(Today's could have been a second successive day of failure; I guessed… poorly).

@bazbt3 You still got it. Mine was a complete fluke. I just started playing 4 days ago after trying to resist it since the fad started. I said I’d never play Wordle!

I haven’t had a failure yet, but it’s coming. Oh it’s coming.

What’s your starting word?

@caycepollard I've played 118, have a 98% win rate, what, 3 failures? I have to say (if it sounds as if I'm blowing my own trumpet) that the guess distribution graph is *particularly* bottom-heavy. :)

My starting word? I've been in competition with a couple of younger guys at work - both of whom have starting words. So naturally I don't have one, I let my subconscious choose. ;)

@bazbt3 I’ve been told to have a starting word. Maybe I’ll not have one, but it makes sense to me to rule out vowels and their positions right away.

118 games and 98% rate? You’re a beast! Even bottom heavy. You’re still winning

@caycepollard Heh! Thanks. :)

Logically it makes a *lot* of sense to have a predictable start doesn't it. But I started doing it during work lunchtimes so relish the 'randomness', if that makes sense.

Speaking of gateway drugs (!) I started with Wordle, graduated to it and the NYT & Guardian mini crosswords, and even got as deep as trying an occasional Sudoku.

And then I came here and I think it was @Ronnie mentioned Trekle, treklegame.com

Sudoku broke my camel's back, thankfully.

@bazbt3 @Ronnie I started with NYT crossword. I even had a subscription to the crossword and the official app. And I do Sudoku all the time (albeit, I’m on the level avid beginner so I’m not sure if that counts).

I was bullheaded about Wordle. Was shaking my head, digging my feet in, saying “It’s just a crossword with consequences for guessing wrong!”

Then I tried it and was hooked. The random nature is what I love too.

Ronnie is always right in his recommendations.

Always trust Ronnie!

@caycepollard @Ronnie Good morning. :) I'm sure I'm sharper because of the daily challenges, but I would think that wouldn't I!

I *nearly* took out a NYT games subscription but we need the roof fixing - it could easily be the equivalent of a couple of thousand USD. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner.

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