What 3rd party Mastodon app for iOS do people mainly use? I’m switching between Toot! and Metatext.

Sorry if this has been asked a billion times

@caycepollard I’ve used Toot, MetaText and Tootl. So far I prefer Toot over the others with Tootl being a close second.

@j3ffjessie I keep coming back to Toot! I like the ease of switching between instances and it’d the only one that maintains push notifications.

@caycepollard truth. That’s why it edges out Tootl for me. I prefer Tootl instance switching over Toot because I can’t swipe with my thumb well enough to make it consistent on Toot. 😄

@j3ffjessie Hah! I’ve accidentally closed the app while trying to switch instances so many times in Toot!

I’ve tried almost every major Mastodon app for iOS and keep coming back to Toot! It’s just designed very well and has most of the features of other apps.

Wish there were more icons though.

@caycepollard definitely the same. Toot wins but I can’t conquer the switching instances. More icons would be cool but I don’t change the ones that have icons very often so I can’t complain. I constantly pull the screen down so I have to swipe back up to get the icon back to switch instances. I always start at my last instance so I can avoid closing the app.

@j3ffjessie That’s one of the few things that bugs me about Toot! The manual refreshing. Other apps update the timeline in real time. Pulling the screen down is a bit annoying.

@caycepollard I tend to prefer it over real-time update because I like being able to go back to my normal spot when I get back to the timeline over it refreshing itself and having to scroll back to where I was.


@j3ffjessie Ah, I like that too. I like the way Tweetbot handled the timeline. Real-time updates while keeping you at your original place in the timeline.

I remember when I first joined Mastodon, Tapbots had made a Mastodon app. It was pretty good in the beginning. Tapbots never maintained it, though, and it was discontinued quickly.

@caycepollard there used to be a lot of apps in the beginning and they all slowly fell off. Hard to keep up with the updates and changes that occurred in the beginning as they were fairly regular and quick.

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