Criticizing Mental Health Treatment 

Mental health treatment in the country is basically locking up patients like prisoners, medicating them, then shoving them out the door. Mental health is one of the most neglected health issues in this country.

Books that have been started and abandoned then picked up again then ignored.


Parler likes to (mistakingly) boast about upholding Free Speech.

But secretly, it’s actually promoting stream of conscious absurdist theatre.

A photo I took of General Palmer’s statue (the founder of Colorado Springs).

I missed my home and am so happy to be back.

Parler nonsense 

Check out the security on Parler! A Captcha from 2002. And no 2FA. This network is going places!

I promised I’d make my books free during the entirety of the pandemic. The pandemic is still going. And they’re still free through my publisher. Maybe give one a read if you’re bored. Thanks!

Also, one more thing:

Imagine how cynical and critical H. L. Mencken would have become if he had experienced the internet and social media?

We are not a very smart people. In fact, we pride ourselves in our stupidity

Look what my boss has two of! It works amazingly well too.

I took a walk before the sun decided to flash fry everyone.

I didn’t realize how lovely my neighborhood is! I love living here!

Apparently I’m both Diana Troy AND Q! Like they have so much in common 😂

I’ll empathically put all of humanity on trial!

Because I care about you when I’m annoying the hell out of you 💖❤️

Oh, only 3 more days to get my books for ! I talk about Simulation and Simulacra and the hyper-real and branded identity and becoming a cyborg in one. Way before @ElonMusk!

Check ’em out:
Send me a message if you get them

My shelf of nerddom. And I bought the new Hunger Games book from a local bookstore.

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