Parler likes to (mistakingly) boast about upholding Free Speech.

But secretly, it’s actually promoting stream of conscious absurdist theatre.

A photo I took of General Palmer’s statue (the founder of Colorado Springs).

I missed my home and am so happy to be back.

Parler nonsense 

Check out the security on Parler! A Captcha from 2002. And no 2FA. This network is going places!

I promised I’d make my books free during the entirety of the pandemic. The pandemic is still going. And they’re still free through my publisher. Maybe give one a read if you’re bored. Thanks!

Also, one more thing:

Imagine how cynical and critical H. L. Mencken would have become if he had experienced the internet and social media?

We are not a very smart people. In fact, we pride ourselves in our stupidity

I took a walk before the sun decided to flash fry everyone.

I didn’t realize how lovely my neighborhood is! I love living here!

Apparently I’m both Diana Troy AND Q! Like they have so much in common πŸ˜‚

I’ll empathically put all of humanity on trial!

Because I care about you when I’m annoying the hell out of you πŸ’–β€οΈ

Oh, only 3 more days to get my books for ! I talk about Simulation and Simulacra and the hyper-real and branded identity and becoming a cyborg in one. Way before @ElonMusk!

Check ’em out:
Send me a message if you get them

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