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Superman in my Mind:

Carlos lights up a cigarette, heavy glow, an island of red in blackness. The band plays on behind the walls, muffled but strong.

“They’re pretty good” he says as he takes a drag. Newborn smoke from pink lungs curls in the sputtering streetlight.

Anxiety is getting to Carlos. This woman is alien to him.

Which of these similar tv shows sticks with you more after all these years?

I’ve enabled on this blog as well. is pretty cool actually. You can sign up for a free account and highlight and annotate webpages similar to how Medium does it.

So I’m hoping for some interaction.

But, mainly, I’m just drafting.

Wish me luck!

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Running an experiment and am nervous. I decided to write my third novel in real time and on display for all. Sort of to scratch both the writing and tech itch.

I’m composing my first draft on using the Novel setting for the blog. Chapters will be listed across the top.

Here’s the url to the blog:

Whenever I make a post, it goes out to the Fediverse. So I’m hoping *someone* provides feedback.

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Still a little galled that corporate shithole Twitter gets to have Tweets, but Mastodon changed to "Posts" to be more appealing to [checks notes] squares

I’m shutting down my Wordpress blog and jumping onto (unless they start allowing hate speech).

This is my most viewed piece. I don’t want my experience to be lost, so I’m republishing if on my new platform.

Briefings on a Descent into Hell:
5 Nights in a Public, Chicago Mental Hospital

@wilde_at_heart Hey there! Your name doesn’t happen to be Lynchian does it?

Books that have been started and abandoned then picked up again then ignored.

I’ve tried all the iOS apps for Mastodon and I keep coming back to Toot.

Post about George Floyd 

I wrote something.

I have written nothing for several months, so at least it's something. Words and all that.

George Floyd should be alive.

Substance abuse is not a sentence for death.

Sorry about the double toots. New app. Getting used to it.

I hate Docker. I hate it I hate it. I spent all night trying to figure out how to create a reverse proxy so your Docker container is accessible through the net. AAAUUGHHHG

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