Thinking about buying this player I need something to put all my flac files on and throw in my bag.

: cleaning my lineup for a new loadout. the goal will be to have only three

dangit guys! I always go right down to the wire with well here's another shot of soda pop.

new I love everything about this pen - the nib, the gold furniture...

I had two moments of weakness... two pics incoming...

rewatching X-Files to see how it holds up... on episode three now

Agent Mulder believes... we are not alone.

@Ronnie @larand I watched the first episode of snw... just finished it.

contains creepy crawly 

I suppose. Pretty chilly but prone to flights of fancy occasionally.

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@schmidt_fu @tewha @ClaudetteK With the way biodiversity is going right now, I’m grateful for any insects I see. I’m not a fan of mosquitoes or hornets but each has a role to play and we need every living creature we can get!

oh... it's ... here's lulu where she likes to be - on top of the world i/e. the fridge.

Okay, it's 2022, if i am going to buy product from a brand, they had better include stickers in the box.

The more I watch perry mason, the more I appreciate the chemistry between raymond burr and willam talman. it was a shame to see talman not in so many episodes in season 3, but you know drugs and orgies...

Hmmm. I have an urge to learn Gregg shorthand.

Finally Hamilton Burger is back in season 4. Geez. I read that the actor was fired for some crazy party he was at with drugs and half naked ladies. Raymond Burr begged them to hire him back. They had great chemistry and were friends irl.

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