this doctor dude is playing spock, i'm telling you. seems shady as poopoo

and Ortegas continues to be my absolute fav.

I'm only through the opening gambit and I already like it

okay @Ronnie @larand @tewha I'm settling down now after work to watch episode 7

I didn't realize Ethan Peck was Gregory's Peck's grandson.

Finished reading The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield. Absolutely did not end the way I expected.

I love those 70s disaster movies... big fan of Irwin Allen all around. But I am watching a non Irwin Allen flick from 83 I have never seen... A hypersonic passenger plane gets stuck in space after having to dodge some debris from an exploded Australian rocket.

Columbia is up there trying to help them now by refueling the engines.

Great cast too - Lee Majors, Lauren Hutton, Hal Linden, etc

Watching Farscape for the first time ever...

Speaking of Star Trek, I had forgotten that DC Fontana passed away in 2019. :)

Encounter at Farpoint aka Reunion of the Space Jellyfish

So... watching Encounter at Farpoint, the ensign played my Evelyn Guerrero that helped Riker find Data in the holodeck - 2 fun facts - she was the first latina to be in Playboy mag ( 1980 ) and she was married to Pat Morita from 1994 - 2005.

Reliving my childhood and rewatching the show that made me a lifetime tinkerer... MacGyver.

like all fathers, this one looks proud. I haven't seen the litter yet as the momma has them hidden away nesting somewhere... on thursday

Also that delete and redraft function is pretty nice.

Oh I didn't know that the US actress Anne Baxter was Frank Lloyd Wright's granddaughter!? I went down a rabbit hole that started with watching the Batman two parter with Anne Baxter playing Zelda the Great.

gee whiz the captain's cabin is bigger than my apartment. @Ronnie @larand @tewha

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