Thanks to everyone who contributed on Patreon over the last 15 months. I’ve disabled the account now, so you should not be billed again.

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Hey, users of AppDot.Net! Today I’m announcing that I’m handing over the reins to @joshuanozzi, so there might be some interruptions to your normal scheduled service whilst the transfer is ongoing.

bash is the best programming language

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My favorite Twitter find of the day:

People are usually quite shocked when they find out I'm not a particularly good electrician …

Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone who has contributed money via Patreon ( or a separate donation via PayPal!

AppDotDotNet costs $50/month to run (server fees, plus AWS storage and the cost of the domain) so all donations and funding is much appreciated.


Mastodon x = fun? A place for former ADN users - on the whole