@infodriveway isn’t it more the case that the contents of the vehicle might be stolen, rather than the vehicle itself?

bash is the best programming language

@schoeni footage I shot in April is still uploading, but then again, it’s 3TB.

@Konrad I just saw that the spire has collapsed. It went up in flames so quickly.

@Konrad Can’t use Pencil V2, and the display doesn’t have whatever the 120Hz refresh rate is called. ProMotion?

@tewha I looked, but can’t find it in the front end moderation interface.

@tewha I can understand.

For some context, I can’t update without losing all the data and attempting to restore it. I could do it but I don’t have the opportunity to block out a couple of days to do it just at the moment - hopefully in a few weeks.

@GadgetComa Tootdon and Amaroq are both okay. There’s some pretty terrible apps out there - Toot! and Mast are very varying in reviews.

@tewha I’m confused. No permit is required? So what was the problem?

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