@tewha interesting. I imagine it’s probably some form of depth-scanning-camera-type radar, actually.

@tewha a client of mine (who manufactures lens accessories) discovered their internet connection had been using private Chinese DNS servers (set by the ISP) for the previous three months. Because someone in China had rung up the ISP and requested it...

@tewha I would assume so. Hyperthreading problems have been around since 2005 IIRC, and Intel seem fairly on top of it.

Most people I’ve spoken to who know about these sorts of things don’t see what the fuss is about to be honest - although they recognise the need for concern. There are easier ways to siphon data...

@tewha I did post about it but I suppose it must’ve got lost somewhere. :)

You’re welcome!

Thanks to everyone who contributed on Patreon over the last 15 months. I’ve disabled the account now, so you should not be billed again.

Hey, users of AppDot.Net! Today I’m announcing that I’m handing over the reins to @joshuanozzi, so there might be some interruptions to your normal scheduled service whilst the transfer is ongoing.

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@GadgetComa sorry to hear of your loss and the complications resulting - I am glad your boss is generous.

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