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CPAC is a mainstream Republican event, attended by national and state leadership and candidates. This year it’s in Budapest, where far right actual no shit oppressive authoritarian Orbán is the featured speaker. Is there any clearer picture what Republicans want the US to be?

“I see the great European population exchange as a suicidal attempt to replace the lack of European, Christian children with adults from other civilizations – migrants”

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I keep quotes and links on various topics in text notes on my on my phone. (Browser bookmarks on mobile are pretty terrible.)

I have categories for things like guns, political violence, civil and reproductive rights, multiple kinds of discrimination/hate. I don’t typically put the same link in more than one category.

Lately I find myself wondering which news item should go where.

This is not good.

Bought a small microwave. I have an event next weekend, I’m the registrar so plenty busy. Eating all meals alone in my hotel room.

I unpacked it to confirm it works.

This thing clearly was never intended to go in its box a second time. I had to tape the *inside* of the box closed, then tape down the foam packing. Only then could I slip the box over it and turn right side up. Nowhere to grip the thing anywhere.

Afterwards it goes in storage for my Colorado workshop.

Uspol roe protests 

Did a bunch of marching and carrying signs. With my event-going chair and some new friends. I’m tired. So. Fucking. Tired. I. Still. Have. To. Protest. This. Bullshit.

"It was presidential campaign reporting unlike anything seen before. The reporter made it clear: He had no desire to join the permanent Washington press corps, or ever cover politics full time, and indeed he never did. He was contemptuous of Democratic centrists and unabashed about a sitting Republican president’s depravity, and said so in prose that sounded like a punch-drunk H.L. Mencken spoiling for a bar fight."

Three of four meetings vanished from my calendar today. One of them permanently. Win!

uspol, video games 

I haven't been able to get A Mind Forever Voyaging out of my head for months.

The premise is an AI explores the simulated impact of policies enacted 10, 20, 30, etc years later. Its author wrote it as a response to the 1984 US election and the policies of the Reagan administration.

The 10 year simulation showed a pleasant, functioning town. 40 years in the game future depicted a religious police state. 40 years after 1984 is two years in our future.

Today was already an annoying day, and then I read news. I’m very tired of this bullshit.

@feorlen now he’s going on about how he’s going to rejoin Elon Musk’s Twitter. He previously quit because he wasn’t allowed to send a message to Linda Ronstadt.

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Our taxi driver is expounding on the hazards of ingesting folic acid and fructose.

Postage stamp from the crumpled up sheet I found at the bottom of a box isn’t sticking to the envelope. My glue stick is dried up and icky. Guess we’ll find out how well LocTite works on paper.

Still trying to muddle through with Mercury, but it has some unexpected UX ideas that just don’t work for me. Not to mention only partly supporting large fonts, and bugs.

Now that more people are showing up here, any news on new mobile clients?

Since this is apparently a thing, I dug up my original signup. It wasn't even an account at that point, because the site wasn't live.

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hello, lurk! we're the media archaeology lab. we're a community space and hands-on collection of media technologies at the university of colorado. we are gonna keep local only for a bit while we get used to things, but wanted to say hello and thanks to @rra for inviting us. #introduction

@mediaarchaeologylab btw do you need one of these? I still have that pile of stuff I haven’t mailed yet. Been a bit busy ☹️

Needed to mail something and had to hunt around a long time to find the postage stamps.

They are always in the same place, but last time I put them in a random location.

That previous time was the day of Spouse’s surgery. The county approved one of our building permits while I was waiting, and I had to urgently send them a check so they would issue it.

Which would explain the non standard location of the stamps.

Wow there’s a lot of people over here today. Maybe can finally get some traction on and discussions

Trying another mastodon iOS client. This one is Mercury. It’s the sixth? one I’ve downloaded today, and the first that was somewhat usable. Others either had tiny fonts, or were plain broken.

So far this is merely ok. Very weird that I have to switch to the numeric keyboard to find the return key? That is gonna get old fast.

Started dreaming about hospital bills and insurance claims. In case you were wondering how things were going.

Amaroq ios app for Mastodon suddenly started crashing on launch. Now what? This was the only mobile client I could find that had a readable font size.

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