Dear LinkedIn Welcome Team:

I've been using your product nearly the entire lifetime of your company. I suspect my first connection was a personal friend of Reid Hoffman. I am aware you have a mobile app.

Thank You and Have a Great Day!

My Colorado neighbors now are starting to evacuate, as the Cameron Peak fire moves south. There isn't much on our property besides a utility pole, but it still would be not great if it burned again.

One of the emergency exit roads crosses our property, we thinned some trees there as part of fire mitigation work. Happy we did all that, it makes the whole neighborhood safer.

us pol, racist relatives 

My mother sent me a reply to an ongoing tech support conversation, and in the middle of it was a screed about "Globalist/Marxist" Democrats and, among many other things, how nobody in their right mind would welcome the prospect of Kamala Harris being president.

She says it's ok if I don't respond to that part of the message. Oh, I'm going to respond, all right. She's not going to like it, either. At least she can't hang up on me in email.

I've been offline all day, so just getting back to the day's news. What The Actual Fuck?

TMI medical 

Trying to be good about this, but I am super not here for this colonoscopy prep crap. Literal crap. Better than cancer, tho.

Pretty sure my doctor-avoiding spouse is going to use this to argue that he’ll never go for a medical procedure ever again.

If I went to the hospital and insisted on being admitted “out of an abundance of caution,” my insurance company would deny the claim as not medically necessary.

Oh hello Hayward Fault! Fancy seeing you up early this morning!

Is anybody surprised that "Some Taxpayers Are More Equal Than Others" ?

Does LinkedIn just “helpfully” repost and promote job listings long after you submit them?

Saw a brand new promoted job this morning, with a salary range that suggested it was at my level. It’s for a previous company, and I know the manager.

He says it’s already been filled, and it’s very not senior. Wtf?

Did a bunch of campaign donations. Now subscribed to every mailing list on the planet, apparently.

Making with the credit card this morning. It's hard for me to be directly involved in either campaigns or actions right now, but I know how to operate a web form.

Looks like the weather-watching public is about to discover the Greek alphabet. Probably will be surprised to learn the letter after β isn't the English (Latin) C. This should be entertaining.

And here it is an hour later. I’ve noticed the numbers tend to drop early morning, but more like data error than actual change

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I’m not really clear how these two things go together. Still not opening the doors.

Air has been bad for long enough that I’m into the cough syrup. Very limited trips outside, n95 respirator when I do. Multiple air purifiers running constantly inside.

Normally coughing is rhinitis post nasal drip, but meds are doing an ok job keeping that under control.

So that’s how my weekend has been going.

The CO place we put an offer on but lost is now a mandatory evacuation.

Made ice cubes a couple weeks ago. Thank you, past me. Made smoothies with rehydrated mango and ice cream

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