I think I need a new T-shirt: “Panem et Circenses 2020”

Started poking around at possible small trucks to buy for Colorado. What are all these monsters with a useless tiny bed?? I wish I could have kept my 95 S-10.

Work person said they weren't feeling well, even after going to the doctor. But it's ok, it appears to only be typhoid and not covid.

sf covid 

After months of modest numbers, SF is now in not-good territory. Still one of the best US big cities, but the longer it goes on the harder it is to maintain. We do not exist in a vacuum.

Early action supposedly protected everyone. But too many other cities/states rushed back to "normal" when there was, and still is, no such thing. Now we are all stuck with the consequences of someone else's "freedom."

Once in a while I go watch this again, and the world is ok for a few minutes.

fl pol amendment 4 fines and fees fund 

Still supporting restoring voting rights for Florida ex-felons. First it was getting an initiative on the ballot, now it's fighting efforts to subvert voter-passed Amendment 4. If you have some cash, help pay people's court debts and get them registered to vote so they have a voice in their communities.

I signed up for a "Shop Small" promotion from American Express. The first reward I got from it was from my monthly Patreon payment. Uh, ok?

Disappointed amaroq didn’t read the alt text with voiceover on

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I got ipratropium nasal spray for my not-an-allergy (which I hate because nasal spray, an entirely different topic.)

But I keep thinking it's called ivermectin, a treatment for parasites.

Shut Up Brain These Are NOT THE SAME THING.

Me, describing the 3mil contractor bags I just bought. (They are pretty pricy as plastic garbage bags go, I have a specific use in mind.)

“They are for when you are on your construction site, and you need to throw away some bricks.”

Day four of "weekend" (I took some time off.) I feel like it's taken four days to accomplish what I previously got done in two.

One part is that it's harder to disengage from work on workdays. What is a day anymore? Another is that there is more housework with both of us home all the time.

The rest is futilely attempting to stop doomscrolling.

Thinking about the museums in other states I have memberships for but can't visit. Of course, I'm not exactly visiting the ones here either.

Took off a couple days for a long weekend. I guess now I have time to sit on hold for hours to complain about this wrong medical bill?

Pursuing LEED certification for the new house sounded like a really nice idea. We are doing a ton of "Green Building" stuff already. Until I realized that the fees and processes alone look like they would add at least $20,000. Um, maybe not.

us pol, tax cut 

A payroll tax cut mostly benefits high earners, more likely to remain employed. Most of the "essential" people who still go out to work don't earn much. Can the point of this really be any more clear?

"If the White House and Senate GOP priorities make it into the bill, the legislation would effectively cut taxes for people who have jobs while cutting benefits for the unemployed."

Hard boiled eggs, broccoli, mixed greens, cheese, white sauce, bread crumbs. The only thing missing are the avocado green flowers on the baking dish.

(For those who didn’t live through the 60s and 70s in the US, I’m referring to this:

Another day, another mobile app/service trial account deleted because some designer thought that teeny tiny fonts were nifty. There's a reason I don't download many mobile apps.

Put a bunch of cooking and baking ingredients in purpose-made containers. Rectangular and stackable, for more efficient use of space.

Way better than random plastic bags. Maybe now I’ll be able to find things and remember to use them. Since making every meal at home doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon.

Got the results from the allergy blood test. The only one showing any sort of result is a common indoor mold. Imagine that.

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