A real conversation with my health insurance, right now:

Why were these claims denied?

That diagnosis code isn’t covered.

That isn’t the code on the claims I submitted. They are this other code.

That diagnosis isn’t covered either.

What is a diagnosis that is covered?

I can’t tell you that.

How do I know if a diagnosis is covered?

You can’t until after a claim is submitted.

Medicare for all isn’t my first choice for a national health program, but I’ll vote for anything that’s not this.

Seedless grapes from Kern County on sale at the store. Looks like they are covered in ash. ☹️

Moving 100k email messages from one remote server to another remote server. As one does.

We are both awake and hungry, so heading out for a tour of 24 hour fast food. I’m not even going to pretend I didn’t sleep in these clothes.

More mail servers do reverse lookups these days, so the smtp shenanigans I’ve been doing for forever is finally failing. I can’t send from a different network than my mail headers claim to be and expect anybody to get my messages.

I’m also very over self-hosting imap, so as of today I’m paying for it.

Except now I have mail and web using the same domain but hosted on different networks. I appear to have traded a mail problem for a dns problem.

Because i can’t actually be normal, can I.

Morning cleaning person looking at me funny for taking stuff from the cheese plates from an event last night.

Hard cheese? Meh, worst that happens is it dries out a little.

Breakfast! I rushed out the door and didn’t get any this morning.

Online banking, 2019:

First bank has system-wide "scheduled maintenance" in prime time US evening. Phone agents can't give me balance or payment date, and don't know when it will be back except that this happens every night.

Second bank bill pay won't schedule a payment due on a weekend or holiday. Even one that is done by fully-automated electronic transfer.

Third bank hides statements behind cryptic menus and only shows the account (not statement) balance on the payment page.

Cooking all the things, first weekend I’ve been able to in a while.

Baked pasta with ricotta, meatloaf, steamed romanesco, roasted Brussels sprouts.

It will be nice to have decent lunches for work again. Also used up stuff that has been hanging around in the pantry and freezer.

The stand mixer isn’t a weekly tool, but still super glad I have it (plus accessories.) Custom blend meatloaf!

Citibank is still giving me the runaround about this fraudulent charge from Chile. Now looking up Bay Area tv consumer reporters.

Summary of treatments for stress incontinence in women:

Kegel exercises are the bomb!

You could try that medical device, but it’s expensive, and kegels are free. Also, no UTI.

This medication has weird side effects and limited proof of effectiveness. Try kegels.

That procedure has no long term studies despite the company saying it works great. Kegels actually work great.

Some women have worse symptoms after surgery, and it’s super expensive. Also, surgery. Kegels don’t hurt for weeks after.

Tonight is the Dia de Los Muertos procession, which is cool and used to be fairly low key.

A few years back it seemed like it suddenly was declared “woke Halloween” or something, and now it’s not so cool to live in the middle of it.

The city doesn’t close the street (need paid permits for that) so there are conflicts between participants and cars. That also means local residents don’t get reminded it’s happening.

Kinda a bummer and not sure what to make of it anymore.

Booked flights for the rescheduled India trip.

I have to transit Hong Kong both ways. I’m not happy about that partly because of delays, although the airport has been back to usual for a while.

More that I don’t want to contribute to the normalization of the situation with the protests.

Problem is that it was the cheapest flight, by more that a thousand dollars. And work won’t pay that fare difference.

I look at the same small number of apps and websites again and again, because those are the only ones where I can read the text on my phone. And with recent changes, google isn’t one of them.

I feel more and more isolated from things I should be keeping up with.

There’s a new billboard on 101 for Coors, “only brewed in Colorado.”

So now every morning I get into work with that Jerry Reed song in my head.



So far, nobody is sleeping on our floor. The folks who are evacuating have better places to go than here, and everybody else is safe even if without power (for now.)

This is our future too, one I’m trying to plan for as best I can. Our property is in a moderate fire zone, which is scary enough. We took that trade-off because of the cost of living in a major city.

Somebody ran into the back of my foot with a Costco cart. That was annoying.

Even more annoying was when I couldn’t walk for a few minutes and a bunch of people were yelling at me to get out of their way.

Super thirsty all the time. Wondering how much is from the pharmaceuticals and how much from the liters of liquid coming out of my nose.

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