Reading gardening books. Want to move now and be a hermit with a garden.

So that's why everything has been taking forever to cook. Looks like I'm not baking that frozen lasagna today.

Instead, I'll be trying to convince the landlord that this is a problem he is supposed to care about.

Hasn't worked for the termites yet however.

Spouse got clearance white chocolate covered strawberries from the mall.

On sale, because we are avoiding frivolous spending. Today, because I don't give a damn about shopping holidays. And white chocolate, because I can't have the other kind.

It was perfect. Spouse is pretty nifty too. 💖

I looked at twitter and now I'm crying at my desk about an inanimate piece of space junk. You?

"However, you should understand that they're not suitable for people that do not own a tractor."

I'm going to have to deal with this a lot the next few years.

Paper cut from a piece of compostable tableware. So that's how my morning is going.

Also it is raining buckets. It's good I came in today tho, because half my team is stuck in an airport. Somebody has to run user office hours.

In case I needed another reason to not use Roundup on our property

It's also a broad spectrum herbicide, and the last thing I want is to destroy the actual native plants we have.

Wrangling house prep and planning budgets. The numbers are frightening, and we aren't even close to talking about construction.

I'm not sure there's a way I can continue to vent about the process without being That Person who posts about expensive shit far removed from most folks' lives.

Stumbled on this excellent bluegrass band, amazing for a parody comic troupe. All they need now is a guest appearance by Steve Martin.

The song is pretty hilarious already, but even better if you survived 70's American television.

Well that was an adventure. Left a carry on on board. Waiting for parking shuttle in the rain.

Still not a bad day. My life is such that I get to do this.

Boarded. Now waiting for a second, less broken, fuel truck.

Spouse started talking to another passenger we saw in the lounge, who is VERY CHATTY. She is now sitting behind us. I feel bad for her seat mate.

Waiting for our return flight, originally scheduled not long after we arrived. Now pushing five hours delayed. But we got upgraded again.

Still not having a bad day.

Museum is closed and friends can't get out of their unplowed street. So I moved the flight up again, and now we are hanging out at the club.

We've had way worse weekends than this.

Boarded, expected to arrive about noon. Changed the return to come back this evening.

Might have time for an hour or two at the museum, or lunch with friends.

Finally united has admitted there's a problem and our flight is delayed. Getting some "tempura udon" for breakfast

Set alarm for 04:00. Which, honestly, is later than I've been waking up lately anyway.

Magical device says SeaTac snow will end by sunrise. Has Seattle run out of organic kale yet? Packed extra batteries, snacks, and the big coats. Might try to go to the museum of flight anyway.

Everything else is cancelled, including the event we were flying in for.

United won't cancel the flight in advance, and won't let us change it beyond a tiny window without a huge fee. So we will go to the airport and see what happens.

Either it's cancelled and we get a refund, or we go to Seattle for the afternoon and get miles. Packing for adventure.

Travel plans collapsed due to weather, and united is being a pain in the ass about it.

The waiver is for limited change, not refund. $200 per person change fee otherwise.

They will refund if the flight is cancelled or 3+ hours delay. Based on experience, they will say anything to avoid canceling in advance.

United still thinks we are flying to SeaTac tomorrow morning. I hope they are right.

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