So is learning from old practices “a thing” now? I hope so.

Yes I plan to adapt as many traditional ways as make sense for us. Thick insulating walls, natural materials, rain harvesting, garden terraces, clotheslines, a root cellar if I can figure out where to put it.

Now if only we had more communal living. Even in my dense city, I don’t share much with neighbors. Even us “professional folks” spend too much time on work and still feel barely afloat. What about that?

I really like high hydration bread, with all its giant holes and gelatinous crumb. We eat it in all it’s glorious naked beauty, with maybe a bit of butter. (It’s lousy for sandwiches.)

But I’m beginning to think I should give up trying to bake it in a pan. Non-stick loaf pan, tons of oil, and still it’s welded to the sides. Liner on the bottom barely helps.

I ordered some silicone pans, we’ll see how that goes. I can only do one loaf at a time with the dough directly turned out on the stone.

What is it with useless travel site flight pages showing up in Google? Expedia wants me to know that I can fly from SFO to Lyons, Colorado for $82!! Might be helpful if there were actually an airport there.

Bread baking day. Might as well, since I’m using the oven as a heat source.

One of many things I’m not going to miss when we finally get out of here.

Did some recreational real estate shopping. Filtering by "Accessible Homes Only" on Redfin gives me a list of properties where half have visible entry stairs in the primary listing photo. This... was not what I expected that checkbox to do.

Assessing our credit history, in advance of shopping for construction loans and mortgages. There's a credit card I'd really like to drop, it's not very useful. But it's the one I've had open the longest. Which means I have to keep it.

I know how this game works and how to play it. I still think large parts of it are utterly absurd. The primary reason my credit score isn't higher is because I paid off all my loans years ago. My previous mortgage isn't even listed anymore.

Photo from this weekend’s work on the cacti relocation project.

It appears to be some type of opuntia polyacantha, sprawling and with spiky dry fruit. I had no idea they turned purple in the winter.

Since I posted that message, my phone has downloaded the unwanted os update twice more. I’m sure the hotel’s network provider loves this. FU Apple. I wish I had a realistic alternative.

What’s the name of this airport again? It’s pretty, but really small.

“iPhone storage almost full” again? Time to delete the software update I don’t want. Twice in the past week.

Why why why? When I am ready for it, I’ll get it myself.

Logged into credit card account to check something, decided to look at the promotions they are offering. $15 rebate on purchases from my employer's online store. Thanks, I'm good. Pretty sure I got that because I used this card to buy company stuff from the employee store.

Three attempts to contact organizations vital to our financial well-being. Three failures to even reach someone capable of providing information.

I pay for services, thousands of dollars a year. But it is extremely difficult to access, or even get status of, the benefits I’m supposed to have.

This appears to be by design.

I want to go live in my mountain bunker, grow vegetables, and bake bread. And sleep whenever I feel like it.

Shopping online for bread pans. Big nope on anything with a photo of baked goods that could not possibly have been made in the advertised pan.

Another financial/legal thing, another reminder I'm not the "Primary Account Holder" for my own life.

If your system requires one and only one person to be "primary," why not ask those actually party to the marriage who it should be?

This seriously causes problems. In our household, mail gets sorted into "his" and "hers" piles. I might not see urgent items for months.

Fuck coverture and the English Common Law it came from. I was a discrete legal entity before I married, and I'm still one now.

Financial planner sent us a link to their online portal where we add details of other accounts. So they can give us a comprehensive plan. Sounds good.

But it’s a 3rd party screen scraping web app that wants all the login credentials for my online financial accounts.

Nope nope nope, so much nope.

And some of them wouldn’t even work, due to various auth mechanisms.

If there isn’t a way to manually upload data, this is gonna get awkward fast

Back to the office tomorrow, and of course after a week+ of wfh my sleep schedule is off.

It’s bedtime, and even the meds aren’t helping. :(

“That’s weird, why did one of these loaves rise more than the other?”


Seems the pan liner under it shifted, not sure how that happened.

“This organization posted an update! Download our mobile app to see!!”


I don’t even have a real account with this service, I made a donation without one. Guest checkout is a thing.

So is going to the website and not using the URL full of tracking data.

A mailing list I subscribe to is switching to Google. (Because of the Yahoo Groups fiasco.)

I tried subscribing to the new list, but it requires a Google account. New ones must verify using a phone number. Nope.

It's not important enough to give up yet more personal information. I already have several Google accounts, required for various other necessary services over the years. I'm not interested in creating even more dots for them to connect together and sell access to.

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