Spouse asks why I bother replying to forwarded garbage emails from family. I don’t do it all the time, but sometimes a message is particularly inflammatory and deliberately misleading.

I can’t not be related to them, and if I’m not going to cut off contact entirely I’m not going to just ignore the problem.

An opinion writer used the correct plural form "personae non gratae." I approve.

I should have gone to bed hours ago, but it's amusing to watch dozens of cloud infra engineers slag on the fascists' presumed architecture choices.

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I made a funny over in the other place, and boy am I glad I don't use any of their official clients. Or enable notifications.

“I no longer have the biggest 3D printer on the block!”

“This is going to be like the boat thing, isn’t it.”

A while back I sent an email to the Manchester, UK, transit authority to ask a question. Since then I've been forever subscribed to their mailing lists.

So every time there is news, I get personalized spam about travel restrictions. I seemingly know more about UK covid lockdowns than most international media.

I'm designing a smock, something to throw on for messy work. So of course I looked online for ideas from historic garments.

Apparently smock dresses were a thing recently, ranging from prairie farm wife to street urchin.

I'm not exactly abandoning the idea, but it does remind me of how post-jail Martha Stewart caused ponchos to be hot again. I was toying with a poncho at the time, and put it aside because I'm rarely in the mood to explain the history of clothing to strangers on the street.

With all the news about this pandemic and anticipated future ones, seems like buying that semi-rural property was a good decision. Not sure what I think about that.

It isn’t big enough to grow all our own food, however. And zoning limits how many people can live there with us.

I like cities, but in their current US form (nimby land use and density restrictions) it’s hard to continue living in one. Manufactured scarcity for a life-sustaining good is a big problem for household budgets.

I have the sewing machine out to finish a test garment I started months ago. So I’m thinking about what I might actually want to make.

And I kinda don’t care.

Everything is pajamas now, and I’m ok with that.

Day before the second four day weekend in a row, and my interest in work is flagging. I believe the technical term for my productivity level is “fuck all”

Somebody at my previous job just figured out that I had an outstanding expense report from early October. I had given up on it, after my manager didn’t approve it before my last day.

I don’t need another knitting project, I’ve got two going already and don’t have a burning need for something else. Except both are fussy and no good for meetings.

So, I guess I need another knitting project?

Talked to one of my Colorado neighbors. They are conservative Christian Republicans, but sometimes hard to tell exactly the parameters of that. We agree on politics occasionally, usually for different reasons.

But I’m not down with the argument that “Native American and Black folks are inherently more susceptible to covid.”

Living in underserved communities and working low wage jobs are not genetically heritable traits.

At least we mostly are able to have conversations about this stuff. :/

I made a bunch of these to make nighttime video calls look better, then discovered they have a name: diffuser socks.

Well, mine are reversible and made out of silk. (Because fire safety. Also, I had this piece of silk.)

I’m not sure how much the off white fabric will shift the color temperature of the daylight LED bulbs, but they work nicely to soften the light. I can layer additional ones too.

I still have to deal with the window next to my desk, but it’s a start.

I knew the afternoon nap would be a problem. But when you fall over and sleep for three hours, it’s not like that was optional.

And, as expected, here we are. Bodies are annoying sometimes

New pandemic skill: dishwasher repair. The latch mechanism came loose.

My path to engineering started with my father giving me old radios to play with. To distract from taking apart kitchen appliances.

And now I can even put things back together.

I’m particularly not feeling it for Atheist December Day Off this year, but hoping better things will happen soon. Gonna spend the time being useful. Enjoy the day, everyone!

I’m not really clear what is going on here, but I can assure you I am not responsible for any of it

L&L was busy, but not as busy as In-n-Out. Had to go out, so picked up a ton of musubi. Also removed several layers of dirt and bird shit from the car.

Overall, a successful start to a long weekend. (At home, of course.)

Just upgraded a major version on iOS. So of course spent 45 minutes turning off all the things it turned on. And people wonder why I don’t do this more often.

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