We may need a second car. Is there such a thing that is high clearance and all wheel drive, but still has decent fuel economy and reasonable to park in the city?

Anything we buy now will become a Colorado dirt road vehicle.

I don't watch tv, but I can only imagine network standards and practices departments are having aneurisms about all the vocabulary the current administration is normalizing in journalism.

I need people to talk to about annoying, difficult, and frustrating shit. Personal, messy stuff. Scary news that makes me wonder about my future safety. Things that need hashing out in a neutral place that won't later get used as a weapon.

That used to be called "friend" but now that means everyone from your lifelong school pal to the guy who sold you shoes and now is sending you a Facebook request.

This place is nice, but it's not that. My close friends are always busy, or far away, or both.

My cool boss isn't going to be my boss anymore. But the team I'm moving too also has a cool boss. (They are longtime friends, even.)

And now it's ok that we can shoot the shit and talk about craft stuff or sewing machines and not have to remember that we were supposed to be having a manager-employee meeting.

I'm looking forward to that part.

Colorado storage place tacked on insurance without telling me. Manager claimed I approved it, because an insurance option was selected on my rental contract.

I did no such thing, and the guy processing my account never said anything about it.

Manager says I have to send them a copy of my insurance policy before they will remove the charge.

Flyer opposing California SB50, that would upzone residential areas near transit, uses a decades old quote about racist "urban renewal" policies.

The same policies that enabled exclusionary low density sprawl and fed today's housing problems.

Makes me want to support the bill that much more.

So tired, and then I had to deal with 05:30 traffic assholes. I just want to hide in my mountain bunker.

Hotel advertises their suites have kitchens, but there isn't a stove. You can check out a single burner cooktop, but it comes with only a single small skillet.

I drove in the snow to borrow a saucepan from my sister, so I could cook pasta. It doesn't work because it's aluminum.

Eventually the front desk found a pot that works, now I can cook the healthy food I bought for lunches and dinners.

My feedback for the manager on duty was "get some useful size pans."

Left the gate, but now sitting around while the crew tries to determine how many passengers are actually on the aircraft.

So many got off that they don't know.

Now there's a stampede of people with connections finding their bags and getting off. Because if you actually manage to get to Denver today, you aren't likely to get back out.

Boarding is a shitshow. Still sitting at the gate, no idea what we are waiting for now.

Normally first flight is easier because aircraft have been at the airport overnight. Not this one.

It doesn't help that loads of people had the same idea, to get this flight to avoid the storm.

I changed tomorrow's 16:00 flight to 06:00 so I can get to the office before the blizzard mangles flights. I'll still make my lunchtime meeting. Yeah the afternoon commute will be kinda lousy, but it will be daylight and a much shorter drive than directly from the airport.

It's a perfectly rational plan, I don't know why my teammate is looking at me like that.

How is this tax credit for education donation plan not exactly the same thing the IRS has told states they can't do to offset the inability to deduct state taxes? washingtonpost.com/politics/20

Every few minutes someone walks by and plays a little on the drums. I hope someone takes them home.

First, because they need a good home. And, second, so people stop banging on them outside the bedroom window.

Some guys unloaded a bunch of drums and other percussion instruments on the sidewalk and disappeared.

Things tend to show up on Sundays, because tomorrow is garbage day. This is one of the stranger collections.

I now have a kalimba, maybe someone I know will enjoy it.

Apparently my username on twitter is very close to that of a Scottish politician. And now I have some very lacking in context mentions discussing Holyrood.

Saw a Google-branded tiny home being towed somewhere on 101. It's impossible to find anything about this by searching Google because I don't know it's actual marketing-speak name. I get either tiny homes, generally, or Google Home.

Taxes paid. Haven't filed yet, but when this is all done it appears the SALT deduction cap will cost us somewhere north of $8k in additional federal tax. And our new property tax bill isn't even included until next year.

Fuck Trump and his fucking vendetta against California.

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