Third vaccination, four days later I still feel like I have a low grade flu. Have not been anywhere since the weekend.

Pulled out the bag of home COVID tests, and so far so good. Thermometer agrees.

But I want to take a nap instead of do work.

Writing a feature request for a vendor in the form of a user story. As one does.

Moved like 50k old emails to an archive folder, and now I can check mail on my phone in less than five minutes. And search for messages more than a week old.

Not sure why, but it suddenly got worse after a recent update.

“I would like to state for the record that I will not be available to run your clusterfuck of an event. I am already busy running somebody else’s.”

So how is your evening going?

This fancy suv does not suck. Might look at them when it’s time for the Colorado vehicle.

This is the “pop” music in my library? I guess the Apple Music app is trying to do the best it can with what is available.

Me: I accidentally the garlic

Spouse: I don’t see a problem here

Now have seen my primary care doctor, the lab, and a dietitian. They are ok with my diet, but not so much that I sit on my ass all day. (Because Reasons, of course.)

So it's the same recommendation as always: less garbage food, more exercise. Nobody has figured out how to have more time for any of this, however.

Signed up for Spotify because I can’t play music I already paid for on the office speakers. Only works with streaming services. I have no use for it otherwise.

Two songs into my test playlist and I get an advertisement that is wildly inappropriate for the office. Serious visit from HR level of inappropriate.

I reenabled my fb account for something recently, and now people are sending me invites again. As if I actually read anything.

Guess that’s a reminder to go shut it off again.

I'm rather frustrated that today is not Saturday. I don't often get that way, but somehow this week I'm just very very done.

Can't sleep, tax deadline will eat me.

I'm not even with the returns, it's not October yet. I don't want to hear about it.

"Be self-employed, they said. It'll be fun, they said." (I'm not, but I handle household paperwork.)

Just in case you thought the US health insurance system was not sufficiently perverse, there's always the tax system. And as is true for both, if you are rich enough you get better results because you pay other people to deal with it.

Read the article if you want, whatever. I'm here for this perfect headline:

Well, hello, Broadway. It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.

Extremely deceptive home warranty scam pissed me off. Personal information scraped from Colorado property records.

Nothing to suggest it’s a solicitation. Also: no house there.

And these people can’t even fraud right. Not only is it addressed to my spouse alone (first name on the deed) but claims our SF mailbox is the “home” urgently requiring the warranty renewed.

Reported to CA Dept of Insurance. Bonus: company appears to be hiring “inside sales” via job website a friend works for.

Opened a link and it was a site that “takes a few minutes to process” a privacy opt-out. Fuckers!

The study’s finding of the prevalence of manipulative designs and configurations intended to nudge or even force consent suggests internet users in Europe are not actually benefiting from a legal framework that’s supposed to protect their digital data from unwanted exploitation — and are rather being subject to a lot of noisy, distracting and disingenuous “consent theatre.”

storm deaths 

We lived in a basement apartment for a while. In an area where people regularly sandbagged driveways to basement garages. It was what we could afford, and I still don't know if it was legal.

A new owner's DIY renovation resulted in the hallway outside flooding when it rained. We left because of mold and mildew from the damp walls. That was 15 years ago.

People who expound at length about their healthy "clean food" lifestyle - who is cooking for them? I don't see how you can shop & cook for yourself, much less a family, and actually work for a living.

I certainly can't afford to get everything from the Whole Foods to-go case.

As if that would actually be reliable, as evidenced by yesterday's requested "low carb" restaurant meal that had sweet sauce on the vegetables. (There were few good options, and it was already a second attempt at food.)

Has anybody written a paper yet about the billboards on the Bay Area stretch of US-101? So many business services. So many enterprise slap fights by billboard too.

Does the average American even know what ZoomInfo is?

Heading out to dumpster dive for old computer stuff. As one does.

Suspect we may have been scammed on an Amazon order of n95 masks. The listing has jacked up the price and acquired additional one star reviews since I ordered. They already weren’t cheap.

I’m not too worried about losing money, if Amazon doesn’t come clean I call Amex and they take care of it.

But it’s annoying.

We’ll see what shows up in today’s mail.

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