Random recruiter trying to interest me in a job with Airbnb. Normally I don’t respond to these things, I mean it isn’t even the employer’s recruiter.

Sorely tempted to reply with a link to the Twitter thread where I slam Airbnb for treating users badly.

I probably won’t tho. Too much effort.

Friend posted something about "why do you hate cyclists, drivers are so much worse." This bothers me but don't know what to do with it anymore.

Whenever I try to say that I get harassed by bad drivers *and* cyclists, I am attacked for "hating bikes." For "hating green transportation." "Hate exercise and fresh air." "Love pollution generating cars and traffic."

For being a pedestrian. For walking. In my neighborhood. For everyday things because I'd rather not drive if I don't have to.

Michigan racism 

Stuff like this is literally why we don't live in Michigan. Spouse was born in Lansing, their family moved away many decades ago. Relatives still post all manner of racist trash on social media, expecting us to laugh at their "jokes."


I occasionally get thoughtful emails about jobs at other startups to do exactly what I'm doing where I am.

First technical writer for an enterprise infrastructure startup is super cross-functional, I can't imagine doing this without dev, devops, and support experience. (Upcoming week's to-do: set up front end dev environment to update in-product help plumbing.)

Nicely validates not only my shift to tech writing, but also that there are companies out there that consider it a first class role.

Got the construction loan. Now time for an entirely different set of problems. Progress!

I'm waiting to see what happens when the new Fox weather commentators excoriate ill-gotten government handouts while reporting forecasts based on freely available National Weather Service data.


The chickens belong to the neighbor with small children. They are currently in a plastic tub covered with a towel, this appears to be the "chicken coop." Didn't see much in the way of food for them.

I couldn't really have a conversation with the (non-parent) adults outside, they don't speak much English. I did mention the kitchen incident.

The kids seem to be playing with the chickens, so I guess they are pets. Along with the rabbit. Dunno about their lease but mine clearly says no pets.

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Aaaand no it’s not legal. “The small animals must be kept in coops and enclosures approved by the director of Public Health. The coops and enclosures must be 20 feet from any door, window, or human habitat.”

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Spouse said the neighbors had chickens out back. Weird, but whatever. I think it’s legal. Last month one of the kids had a rabbit.

I thought he meant in a chicken coop tho.



Buying event tickets online:

First, the website crashed when sales opened.

Then, at the end of a bizarre ticket selection process, it wants a CAP number with my CC#.

What does that even mean for an online transaction with a US credit card? Can't submit form without it.

Ended up buying by phone. (Agent doesn't know about CAP.)

Ticket service agent: "Yeah, they didn't tell us how many people to expect, and that weird extra field was their idea."

I feel you, my friend. Been there, done that.

Been dealing with this on Twitter, as it appears only cares about problems if it makes them look bad in public. Posting here for good measure.

Airbnb is a terrible service. Even putting housing market issues aside. (And that’s a thing.)

I don’t have much to lose as a result of my mysterious “security reasons” ban. No guests arriving and no upcoming stays. (Plenty of superhosts have been banned with no explanation.)

I had many good experiences and met nice people. Never trust again.

Booked several days at a local hotel for an upcoming weekend. I want to stop allergy meds for a bit and see if I feel less brain dead. This is fine.

My email:

Important Message! We See You Haven’t Bought Any Of Our Products Lately!!

Researching non-toxic or traditional household technologies (building materials, food preservation, etc) regularly lands me on weirdo prepper websites.

I just want to know about whitewash and root cellars, not some Rambo plan to protect your underground bunker from zombies and/or the US Government.

“Ideas about gender also limit what we even count as technology. We talk about “the iron age” and “the bronze age”. We could also talk about “the ceramic age” and “the flax age”, since these technologies were just as important. But technologies associated with women are not considered to be inventions in the same way that those associated with men are.”


My credit union wants me to know I could do so much with the equity in my home!

“You already have a mortgage with [CU], so you'll likely only need to upload a few documents.”

Maybe after I actually get this loan that is yet again delayed?

(And, no, actually a HELOC is probably a bad choice for the improvements I’ll be doing.)

Relative forwarded a lie-filled racist email I was able to debunk with ten seconds of searching. Again.

I don’t even want to respond anymore, as 99% of my interactions with this person is them spamming my inbox with garbage. Previous attempts to engage have not gone well.

Don’t know what to do about this. Too many people in my family I really just don’t want to speak to.

uspol Juneteenth 

Is there a betting pool on the first public “We gave you people a holiday, why are you still bothering me about this?”


“The frustration comes after watching the Juneteenth bill fly through Congress unexpectedly in a matter of days.”

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