Altered a T-shirt to sorta make it fit. Had to remove fabric from the shoulders and move it to the bust, then use the too-long hem to increase at the hip. Lots of seams in weird places.

And it’s a giant pain in the ass to do. “Unisex” clothing is such a load of crap.

No picture because it’s work-branded. I’ve been there almost a year and this is the first time I have a logo shirt I can wear without it looking ridiculous.

Good: I have retirement accounts, with marginally useful balances.

Not so good: trying to actually do anything with them, like find out what investments I actually have.

Very not good: transferring one to another firm.

I don’t want to be awake, but I am. So I’m reviewing financial paperwork and running the dishwasher. Because something something.

Offering career advice to the phone website support tech, as one does.

Is it really that unusual for someone to not enjoy or not be able to eat spicy food? Still struggling with finding vegetable protein options at the salad bar. Store employees are helpful, but it’s still a special request that takes extra time.

Nothing like an unexpected account alert from your bank to help relax before bedtime.

Everything appears to be ok, but nobody can explain why I got this email that should not apply to me. Was requested to forward to their abuse team.

So I just sent an “incorrect” email to my entire division.

The incorrectness is mainly that my summary of findings recommended an option that makes the 3rd party vendor less money. (Because the data they sent me was off.)

The outcome still generally accomplishes our goals. (This is not rocket science stuff.)

I’m having a hard time caring, and my email update to internal execs more or less says as much.

How’s your day going?

My phone apparently slept through geography class, I haven’t been in the east bay in months. It’s been doing this for a while.

Seems unlikely I’m connected to a cell tower that far away, and even the vpn exit I’m using is in SoCal.

Went to Whole Foods, no grilled tofu. Said I was looking for a vegetable protein without chili peppers, suggestion was grilled mushrooms.

Eventually someone cut up a bit of plain tofu, but why is this so complicated?

Yeah I could get something else, I am still an omnivore. But I’m really trying to reduce saturated fat and animal protein in my diet. The lunch from home I am supplementing already has cheese.

Today’s corporate vegan lunch has spicy stuff I can’t eat. So went across the street to find a suitable supplement.

I try to eat fewer animal products, nice to have a Whole Foods handy, right? “Plant-based is good for the planet and good for you!” and all that.

Salad bar has three vegetable protein options, two kinds of tofu and the other falafel. All with chilies. Ended up getting hard boiled eggs.

Had a chat with someone who may be the prepared foods manager. Tomorrow grilled tofu!

“What is with these immigrants? They come here by the boatload and trash up the place with their awful, dirty houses and filthy animals. They can’t even be bothered to learn our language or the history our society is built on.

They make up ridiculous names for places as if they were the first ones to show up here.

What kind of name is New Jersey anyway? If they hated Jersey so much that they left, why try to rename our ancestral lands after it?”

The MacOS mail client refuses to save a new mail account configuration unless it can authenticate with a working IMAP/POP server. I'm trying to set up my SMTP server for outbound-only.

So now I have a shiny new Yahoo email account, and a rule that marks everything incoming as read.

Speaking of settings changing unexpectedly after update... thank you Apple for using a third of my monthly data allowance

Just deleted hundreds of notes off my phone. Because, as best as I can tell, notes sync was enabled for an account that should have never synced anything other than email.

I have no idea how, but I frequently find things mysteriously enabled after iOS upgrades.

I can get most of them out of my backup using a 3rd party tool. If I could get the license code I paid for, anyway. (Is almost certainly a problem with my email and not them.)

Missouri “testing my rights” gun dude had two female family members tell him he was being a dumbass. Seems the same sort I knew in high school who liked to test their “right to swing my fists around” in crowded hallways.

Using Slack to send a password from my personal phone password manager to my work laptop. That’s secure, right?

I used to be able to just read passwords off my phone, but the apps that have monospace fonts no longer work. iOS has no native way to change a type of font.

What exactly would an extremist emboldened by Senator Warren’s incendiary rhetoric do? Chase down rural white people to force them to accept healthcare and affordable housing?

so much for that nation united against racism Show more

My mother made a casual comment about “homosexual child predators” and when I protested she said “you don’t know anything, I know the truth” and hung up on me.

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