Nonviolent games are expected to occupy a certain aesthetic space, with pastoral themes and calming music

Wherefore our punk-ass Jet Set Radio inspired game where there aren't any police around and you can paint walls with your friends and choreograph skate vids?

(tagging cops is cool and all, but)

@LogicalDash I found you by a random boost and you have a new Jet Set Radio game?? That's awesome. Is it released? My spouse has been mourning the original for years

@feorlen I have not made this game and don't intend to, it was literally a question that I wanted to start a discussion

I'm considering deleting the post because two people have gotten confused


@LogicalDash that looks cool, thanks for the link. Gray hair skate rat spouse will undoubtedly go off and buy it immediately. There are a lot of gray hair skate rats who miss Jet Set Radio

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