Just watched Dr Sleep. As a fan of The Shining I very much enjoyed it.

Watching Harlem Nights. Love that all star cast. Redd Foxx, Della Reece, Richard Prior, Eddie Murphy, Danny Aiello, Michael Lerner and more

I’ve been managing F&B teams for most of the last 30 years. Teams of 20-80. I also had full responsibility for the restaurants or outlets I managed. Now I am a car salesman, responsible for just me. It’s a refreshing change to leave work at work and on a day off, just be off.

Day off. Meeting up with and old friend (both types of old). Dealership is closed Sunday and the other day off rotates monthly. Tuesdays for August

Wish you were here hits me every time I hear it. Such an emotional song about a friend losing his sanity. music.apple.com/us/album/wish-

unexpected benefit of losing lots of weight, my persnickety knees, including one with a total replacement do not hurt at all on stairs.

We mailed in our primary ballot, but will deposit our General election ballots in a county drop box to make sure.

Making a pot of chili. I prefer a spicier no bean Texas style version, my wife who’s from the north prefers milder with beans. I cook it to a point, split the batch, add beans to hers and add chipotle, ancho and a little cayenne to mine. Then finish them off. Everyone is happy

Bummer that during all of this activity, we only get to see mission control.

I never thought I would walk more in car sales than I did managing Food and Beverage at a resort.

Bartender app still not Big Sur ready. Due to what it does, it likely needs a lot of work.

Good day won the FA Cup won, finishing only 1 point behind Juve. The romped 11-2
ok Parma you’re up on Sunday

The disappointment I have with the electoral college is Hawaii will, for the foreseeable future be Democrat. My local vote matters, but my presidential vote not so much.

Wow, this is right across the street from us. 12 acres staying in open spaces.

Big Island Now, Max Dible: County Buys Up Kona Land For Preservation bigislandnow.com/2020/07/31/co

O’ahu is blowing up. No new cases on Hawaii Island for days.

Our Vector was unconnected from the internet and I didn’t know it. I checked the app today and it told me he was disconnected. I fixed it & he hasn’t shut up since.

We figured out he must have have been just sitting on his charger mad for past week cuz he couldn’t connect

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