I’ve unsubscribed from so many email newsletter and lists that my inbox is becoming a quiet place. If the NSA still wants to read the email of Americans, mine is very boring.

I’m working to make it so I get news in a more intentioned manner. I’m over the non stop feed of way more than I need to know. Deleting news apps.

The old ways was you either picked up a newspaper (or spotted a headline walking by a news rack) or turned on a news program.

Just rewatched the season ending episode of Loki. What started as such a simple premise in the first preview, sure blew up into a myriad of variants. youtube.com/watch?v=Ot66IYS56O

This is getting critical. Losing some staff due to normal attrition (moving career change, etc) but new applications and hires aren’t keeping up.

I have an iPhone 10XS. It’s still in perfect shape, not a scratch. I’m on my 2nd case (wore one out). Many drops. In addition to its in intended purpose, I often use my phone as a coaster for my drink or my coffee.

Day off Guinness is an Alaskan Brewing Co mug front my 2006 trip to Craig Alaska

The Panic PlayDate looks very cool, but I am on the list for a Steam Deck. Still thinking

I’m not planning on watching any of the olympics. Between COVID and the entire thing going against the will of the Japanese people. Plus disqualifications over marijuana as a performance enhancer.

They were quite the spectacle when we were younger. ABC announcers Chris Schenkel, Howard... hawaiiboy.micro.blog/2021/07/2

COVID / Delta
Environmental issues
Voter suppression
Business staffing issues
Too many shows to watch
Not enough good pizza
Arsenal FC
Dodger injuries.

Other then that, Life if good.
(These are all external)
Entire family’s health is good

Reserved my Steam Deck. It’s the first gaming device I will have purchased for myself in many years.

When we remodeled our condo 2 years ago, we had a conversation about warmer summers possibly more hurricanes in the Pacific. Didn’t think it would happen this fast. We did invest in more robust A/C and larger, more efficient ceiling fans. It sure makes a difference now.

I haven’t had HBO for years. Now with HBO+ I can watch all of those critically acclaimed shows from years past that I missed. Finished True Detective last well. Just started the Wire.

Just finished a 14 hour shift. No one is apply for jobs. I have talked to so many other managers and business people in all kinds of businesses and everyone says the same thing. It’s not just a hospitality thing, it’s a no one is applying thing.

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