Enjoying a Saturday afternoon watching the beat the Giants. First Spring Training game, but Opening day is only 32 days away.

Finishing up week 2 in my return to previous career selling media. Have met with over 100 businesses. Written a couple of orders. Most of my time had been reconnecting old connections with people. Rule 1, be nice to everyone, you never know when they’ll circle back around

On another note, the (D) debate has sunk in. Overriding thought; no one is talking about what they can/will do and how that can beat Trump, only talking about the other guys. Tell me what your plan to beat Trump is.

The older I get the more I dislike pre-game sports shows and post-game analysis shows. I just want to watch match and see it for myself.

Pier One filed today. The store in Kona store closed last month. My wife already misses it. Our decor is classic Pier One style.

I liked going in and picking out the perfect glass for a specific cocktail I was making.

Installed the Level Smart lock today. It look longer to clean up the paint build up on the door frame so it closes smoothly than it did to install the Level. level.co/products/level-lock

With my recent job change, I’m cleaning up my contacts. I have 5 contact for people who have deceased that I just can’t delete.

Never really been a Chi-town sports fan, but seeing the Chicago basketball greats talking story on TNT was pretty amazing.

I closed my Dropbox account a few years ago and moved everything to a local drive and server. Many of those files go back over 10 years. Had some fun going through it yesterday.

All technology should be assumed guilty until proven innocent. David Brower

After a morning flurry of a trip to Target and Costco, the rest of the day has been a lazy Saturday catching up on the stuff in the DVR.

How can a tech company offer lifetime anything when they don’t even know if they will be around after the next funding round.

I just found my exported app.net archive.
Lots of great conversations.

I’m not a cat person, I can tolerate a few cats now and then in my feed, but I know when there are too many cats, it’s time to close the app. Now dogs are a different story.

Barr complaining about the situation they created is hilarious.

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