Found a photo the headstone of my 5th great grandfather. He was one of the founding fathers of Louisville KY

Even after hundreds of eye drops post retina surgery and the subsequent procedures, I still don’t like putting in eye drops.

I miss Tim Russert on the Sunday morning talk.

First these big corporations start documenting and writing you up for little, seemingly benign incidents that eventually force you into a PIP (perform improvement plan), then they got you. These plans can be so subjective and company leaning that you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Amazon will clean house after this vote. Companies know how to get around retaliation claims and manage someone out the door. It happened to me at Marriott.

During last year’s lockdown and stay at home orders, I realized I don’t really miss being around crowds and lots of people. I work in Hospitality and am around enough people and get my socializing at work, but when I’m off, a secluded spot seems best for me.

Over years of using different email clients;, Outlook, Airmail, Spark, there are a bunch of extra folders in the IMAP structure created by the different apps.
Took time today to clean up this mess.

One of the few things I’ve had for more than 40 years. Still works as is it when new.

A continuing annoyance is blogs and e-lists that post links to articles behind paywalls without mentioning that fact. I’m pretty much tapped out as far subscriptions go. If I add one, then one needs to go.

Looks like I’m going all in with .org. Have 1 there now that I’ve been playing with.

I’ll leave the others in Hover where the domains live, but will forward the mail to Mailbox as they come up.

I’m going to want to ride Amtrak when we next go back to the continent. It is going to get better.

Start a new job on Monday. Feels good. Had a zoom call with the corporate team last Monday. They offered an attractive compensation & benefit package.

The current manager is leaving “organically” (do to a life changes). I will get a 1 week crossover with him.

The Paramount app is a drama queen

Fatal error? I’m not sure anything actually died

Did something good for my mind and attitude. Sharpened all of my knives. Takes me a couple of hours.

The GOP wants an ID to vote, but not to buy a gun. WTF

I took this photo 1 year and 1 weeks ago on Alii Drive in Kona when we first locked down. It was heartbreaking then and still is. A number of small businesses didn’t ever reopen.

That stuck ship is huge. The ones that we get on Hawaii Island are stacked only 2 containers high.

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