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I have the opportunity to get a second degree or a Masters degree entirely for free. What are some options as secondary degrees? What makes me more valuable? More money for current job? Good secondary alt careers? IT? Hmmm.

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Facebook guy literally selling Facebook ads at #NordicPrivacyArena


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The new iPad Pro might have amazing specs, but it has one port and it’s still only running iOS.

Take what you want from that.

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People with AirPods: What's your experience with using it with multiple devices (Mac and iPhone in my case)? I am really disappointed by it and my "normal" Bluetooth headphones without a fancy W1 chip usually work way better with switching devices.

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How do I find new, amazing internet friends with an interest in tech/programming/movies/languages?

Asking for a friend (what a pun).

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If you complain about the disruption from strikes then you can just fucking go back to working fourteen hours a day with no weekends or safety laws because that's where you'd be without them.

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Mastodon is the only social network that doesn't somewhat drain my mental health ...

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On a purely technical note, why is every single cut on this session a mix? It’s so annoying. I feel like I’m watching a bad film.

Can anyone give me advice on some archive hard drives? I used to buy the Seagate 6TB models but they’ve discontinued them now. And I don’t really want to just buy an 8TB one to put a 4TB project on it.

Any advice appreciated as always!

New homescreen thanks to a new phone.

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Some heavy-duty pegging of washing required today.

Thanks Storm Ali.

Yesterday's fashion-related antics. I know nothing about fashion but apparently it's popular...


Why is it that whenever I want to watch a film (which is quite rare) it's not available on any online platform?

I was just going through the iOS 12 page on the Apple website and so many of these features are such gimmicks.

Screen time / better notifications are basically the only new features which aren’t gimmicks (other than speed improvements)...

Resolved my phone dilemma. Ordered one, from Apple, on finance. So I pay 30% now and then the rest when people pay my invoices. I'm trying to stay away from my savings...

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