I was just going through the iOS 12 page on the Apple website and so many of these features are such gimmicks.

Screen time / better notifications are basically the only new features which aren’t gimmicks (other than speed improvements)...

@henry And DND improvements, and improved photo sharing, and improved machine learning, and shortcuts, …

There’s not a lot in iOS 12 others than performance, and a lot of it is good stuff.

@tewha yeah, I forgot about the DND improvements. I don’t use any of the other things. I appreciate Apple focusing on performance.

@henry I predict you’ll end up using shortcuts. I see several places I can use them already. Can’t wait to try. :)

@tewha isn’t it the same as the Workflow app they bought? I had that and used it for about a week before I realised it wasn’t actually saving me any time.

@henry Parts are. But add it to the OS in general (including dashboard/today and Siri) and I think it’ll be compelling. But yeah, I could be wrong.

@tewha Yeah I can see where you’re coming from. I really don’t use Siri or today at all but I’ll definitely try it.

@henry And the new AutoFill for 3rd party password apps. I'm always most excited about these little changes that make a difference in your daily use.

@schoeni @henry Anything that makes using a password manager easier is a worthwhile enhancement.

@GadgetComa Yes especially since Android got this feature last year I was jealous until now 😅 @henry

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