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I have the opportunity to get a second degree or a Masters degree entirely for free. What are some options as secondary degrees? What makes me more valuable? More money for current job? Good secondary alt careers? IT? Hmmm.

@radioactive @joshuanozzi Neither. He’s always been an affront to real scientists.

@radioactive wtf. I’m sorry that this has happened to you, and you’re really not worthless. :/

@tewha what did you do? It seems to go beyond the border of the screen?

@tewha I’m sure some elections have had a smaller turnout, as well.

@joshuanozzi well I’m not going to disagree with you there ...

@juliastic Relatable - if you find a place to obtain it, let me know?

@larand Were they playing Christmas music yet, @tewha? That’s the worst part...

@juliastic I'm rather uninformed about Pokemon, but I thought that the whole point was that it's supposed to be a challenge? Seems like they've dumbed it down or something...

I thought of another Buster story. If you have male bits you might cringe. Show more

@juliastic Achievement totally unlocked - now you can go round and fool everyone into thinking you’re British :D

@tewha oh I see. Yeah, pretty much anything is better than nothing...

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Facebook guy literally selling Facebook ads at #NordicPrivacyArena


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Mastodon x appdot.net = fun? A place for former ADN users - on the whole