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Spent today going round a museum and writing a pitch for another Royal Albert Hall extravaganza, this time over 3 nights rather than one (and hence more than 3 times the cost...)

And watching the stupid Apple thing, which just made me angry to be quite honest (the ECG thing is ridiculous, I'm sorry...)

And when they do, it's an out of office autoreply telling me they should've been back in the office on Thursday last week...

Why do clients not reply to emails, ever?

Just updated my website again. Would welcome any feedback!

Would you like increased character limits per post / bio / name fields? Reply to / star this post if you would like that.

I've had to adjust part of Mastodon's software to fix a really annoying typo, and for some reason that has caused all invite links to expire. Please reissue them if required.

Didn't get staff position at a major UK broadcaster, because they decided to hire internally instead. Was in the last 8 out of 300+ applicants so that's pretty good.

The YouTube app on my phone looks like this. I’ve tried restarting and reinstalling it to no avail. I wonder if this is The Fruit Company’s way if telling me to conjure up £900...

Fell over my own camera today. Can't wait for tomorrow where I will try and avoid falling over my own camera again. And the same next week.

To be honest, I’m only here for @tewha’s cat posts.

Filming at a cute model village today!

To clarify previous post: the Mastodon installation instructions are a POS, that is.

Tinkering over. At least the DB and all the config files are now backed up (plus weekly Digital Ocean droplet backups).

Postgres and Redis are configured wrong and both are storing data in the wrong place because the installation instructions are a POS and hard to follow. But I will resolve that when I get an opportunity, but will require downtime of a few hours. Probably Saturday or Sunday morning BST time. I'd rather do it now when we have 50 users rather than 100. :)

Just running some software updates on the server, so apologies for any interruptions. Normal service shall resume very shortly.

Not quite sure why I had to suspend Backblaze and Glacier to get Sendgrid to launch, but... I guess that's just a fun way to remind me that I need a new Mac.

I have written some rules and polite requests on the page. Please give them a read - they're all fairly common sense!

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