Everything still sucks. Hope everyone here is well.

Something big happened five years ago today: I got my first Subaru!

Also, marriage equality became settled law in the US.

Update to the update: I don’t know what’s going on with regard to the assault in the woods.

The not knowing what’s going is is typical.

Update: I don’t know what’s going on.

Police flew by. Checked out the scanner. Assault in progress in the woods? Live updates will continue?

Walking through the park and I’m the only one I’ve noticed wearing a mask.

Good evening. How have you fine folk been?

WTF? I just read the illegitimate president suggested injecting disinfectants into the body to kill viruses! Is it too early to drink?

Hey gang. Checking up on you all.

Know anywhere I can get some bath tissue?

Good evening. I’m afraid I’m up past my bedtime.

Also: they checked my temperature when I walked in. I’m not running a fever!

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