4 more days of ground school before my oral knowledge exam on Friday. Off Sat-Mon and start sim training June 11th.

My wife and kids, and MIL are driving up Friday. I'm planning on taking them on a tour of HQ while they're here.

I start training on the Cessna Citation Latitude next week.

Bryce went flying again yesterday and had a bunch of fun. So much fun, he fell asleep.

My Citizen Promaster Nighthawk. I've got to get some links taken out of the band tomorrow but I'm loving it so far.

Welcome to the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The last picture is of a runway which is closed so it can be used for aircraft parking.

I ordered my Citizen Promaster Nighthawk tonight.

I got to take my youngest flying a couple of days ago. I was working with a private pilot on radio and instrument procedures. My son had a lot of fun. He rode with me to the trash dump later that day and asked "we go fly more?" I'd say he's hooked.

I've found myself reaching for the Citizen Eco-Drive I have now more and more, and my FitBit Blaze less and less. I'm kinda over smartwatches. They are nice but are another piece of tech to have to replace every few years.

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I think I've decided to order a Citizen Promaster Nighthawk. I've always loved the look of it, it's got a retro feel to it that I love. The other big feature I love is it is a dual time watch. I would keep the second time set to UTC. Amazon has it for less than $200 which is a good price.

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Dual Time Watch with Date, BJ7000-52E amazon.com/dp/B00074KYC8/ref=c

I am impressed with Super-Res Zoom on the Pixel 3. The second image is obviously a digital zoom picture but it was taken from 45,000ft with a smartphone.

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I still have some Apple devices I use but nowhere near as much as my Pixel 3. I would rather have a nicer experience on my primary device

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One of the little frustrations with 1Password is the message stating that 1Password can't verify a site should have access to login info, after I specifically chose the login

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