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So, introductions. I am:
… a lifelong learner.
… committed to self-awareness.
… practicing gratitude.
… difficult to categorize.
… working on my baggage.
… an acquired taste.
… a husband and father.
… a cisgender he/him.
… an ambivert.
… rediscovering wonder.
… exploring creativity.
… an Enneagram Four (4w5, IYKYK).
… a guitar player.
… trying to find my singing voice again.
… a professional techie.
… kind of a drama queen.
… deeper than you realize at first glance.

Ukrainian conflict, Chomsky 

I think Chomsky offers a lot if we take the time to read him, but I'm disappointed in the way he handled 🇺🇦 x 🇷🇺 . This strikes me as a well-written rebuttal.

MRW my child asks how I would do a thing, and I tell her, and she says, "That's crazy. I've never heard of anyone doing it that way before. I'm going to <do it this other way> instead."


Y'all, if you want a deep dive on exoplanets with a side of funny GIFs, check out @_astronoMay and her threads. Really interesting stuff.

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Elon Musk 

So he wants his Mars colony be a two-caste system: either you were rich enough to buy a ticket and be a free person there, or you “applied for a credit you can work off” -- a slave.

And he's not even sugarcoating it, or hiding it.

I didn't think that we'd live to see James Bond villains outdone in real life. But here we are.

Our daughter is performing in a talent show tonight at her school. There are some high school kids setting up a 3-piece set — guitar, drums, bass. As usual, the drummer is drowning everyone out to the point that everyone else in the band is yelling at him to knock it off so they can sound check. 😆

Indulging in my newfound love of really drippy spring reverb.

uspol, religion, profanity, 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈 

"Church invites asshole to speak, is surprised when he stays on message"

uspol, poverty 

A little too on point.

ridiculously over the top mashup yootoobery 

poverty, preventable death, "pro-life" 

This child died because the state refuses to support people in poverty. Pro-life my ass.

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uspol, video games 

I haven't been able to get A Mind Forever Voyaging out of my head for months.

The premise is an AI explores the simulated impact of policies enacted 10, 20, 30, etc years later. Its author wrote it as a response to the 1984 US election and the policies of the Reagan administration.

The 10 year simulation showed a pleasant, functioning town. 40 years in the game future depicted a religious police state. 40 years after 1984 is two years in our future.

current events, uspol, hell in a hand basket 

Initially it was just dumping an unordered JSON object to STDOUT, and it was bugging me. Yesterday I built a PowerShell script to grab that same info and return it in tabular form. The Fish function just subshells to `pwsh -NoProfile -File`. It still blows my mind that MS is making so many things easier with cross-platform and open-source software.

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I’ve been working for a while on a Fish shell function I use at least a dozen times a day for reporting on our edge Kubernetes clusters. One of the things it does is grab some info from the VMware API.

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