uspol - telecom - broadband 

I'm sure if the Left truly wants to be shown as a different in a truly meaningful way, here’s one great place where they could start: calling out telecom companies and push hard for municipal and/or community broadband.

Current Events - Film Recommendations 

I have watched two films over the weekend called 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS, and 2 DAYS and MEDIUM COOL. They're both relevant in lieu of current events going on especially in recent times. Two high recommendations.

So these next two months, I'll be driving to three weddings and a road trip. At least I'm not flying domestically anytime soon...


By this time bext year, the 2024 elections may already be decided before it begins as the Supreme Court just took a case for next term that might blow up federal elections and ensure that Dems never control the federal government ever again.

Went to Ikea today just to check out potential room remodeling. Not impressed at the selections for the most part...

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We are teaming up with the design agency @oakstudios to update our homepage and our brand. Goodbye social media blue, hello vibrant purple!

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Hi, I’m Kristina, a freelance illustrator with a focus on book illustration, history and fantasy inspired themes.

Went to a mini-field trip at a park so I can get some leisure outdoor time and get ready for a huge stretch of project work after the holiday weekend.

On this Monday, I wish I could do it all over again. Subpar day but hopefully this week would be better.

It's been a long time since I used Foursquare that I checked it out just to export my data and I encounter a feed where people left this world...

USPol - human rights 

A much needed weekend away from any online activities.

Like I said, I fear about the future of the country although I'm not giving up the fight.

Fight and vote while you still legally can. Because one day it may not be...

Meanwhile, I had to get last minute adjustments to my project after a client didn't like the layout. Sigh...

State of the United States 

After the rulings today and next week, I fear that a Civil War is likely coming over the next few years. They're planting the seeds as we speak.

A good time for some tea because it's not a good day to go out...

Getting into a mini project which I had to get a client to get a coding and basics pitch which isn't easy as you might think.

There was a minor altercation nearby my home and had to check it out. Thankfully it was only a minor accident and everyone is okay even the cars are in good shape.

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#Tusky 19 beta 1 is out!
Among other features and a lot of fixes, it adds the highly requested support for push notifications via Unified Push.

If you don't know what Unified Push ist, here is a small explanation 👇

A good productive week, which is very much appreciated since I can so some side projects and a tabletop gaming weekend.

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