Wikipedia's 20th Anniversary homepage shows the continued awesomeness and essential public service it provides.

Cheers to hopefully 20 more years!

uspol - coup attempt 

What you're all seeing on live TV right now is an outright coup attempt that Sarah Kendzior warned about for years.

Also a good idea to read Sarah's book "Hiding in Plain Sight" which I have read this last summer which describes more of these. One of the only few people that saw this coming.

Although the 2020s will be challenging after a nightmare to end the 2010s, hopefully there would be good things ahead.

Happy New Year everyone, and be good to each other!

Hope you all having a great Christmas for those who are celebrating and a good start to the holiday season for everyone else!

Just myself today after visiting two people last night.

Bad news US folks, the CASE act and the felony streaming bill is in the must pass spending bill and its all but certain to pass today. You all should be terrified.

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>The gap between an '040 powered Mac and modern PCs doesn't feel nearly as wide as it should. This computer was released almost 30 years ago. On paper, it should be inconceivable that this can at all fit into a modern workflow. Present-day computers are gigascale monstrosities that should smoke something as old and plucky as the Quadra. And yet, they just... don't.

That's because modern OS's and software are giant bloated shit. You really don't need em.

Very important to watch for US people:

Lawmakers led by Senator Thom Tillis are trying to make posting copyrighted material a felony aka jail time by sneaking a bill into a must-pass spending bill. Very important to watch folks since if this passes people are basically fucked.

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"Spotify resets passwords after a security bug exposed users’ private account information"

In a data breach notification ... the music streaming giant said the data exposed “may have included email address, your preferred display name, *PASSWORD*, gender, and date of birth only to certain business partners of Spotify.”

Wait, wat?! Passwords?

It's official: Salesforce will buy Slack for $27.7 billion in cash and stock, completing a fall from grace for Slack as they're lagging behind their competitors especially Microsoft's Teams product.

I have some thoughts on the Big Sur Apple controversy if you want to read it.

So looking at the analysis of the ARM MacBooks, I see the max RAM of the M1s is 16GB.


All of my computers have at least 32GB of RAM or more which should be the standard.

USpol -election 

It's finally official. Biden is projected to be the next US president,

But don't celebrate too much as so much work needs to be done plus the GOP might still have the last laugh if they win the GA Senate runoffs. You all should fully focused on that now.

covid19 - explainer 

Spanish publication El Pais shows how COVID-19 spreads though the air

This is truly the best explainer I have seen, and it's embarrassing that a Spanish outlet is so much better in this field than most of the mainstream US media aka Big Journalism.

Here's her DiscoverADN episode from many years ago that Jason (matigo) thankfully preserved:

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Her GFM page is attached if you want to contribute to her EOL costs and provide support for her children:

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I just heard that @Mpshirey, one of the great ADN people and all around great woman, has left this Earth. She passed on October 14th.

Maddie's one of the most courageous people that I have known online especially on the ADN years and she tried to stay positive despite her challenges and she'll be sorely missed around the online and offline spheres. I'm just glad she was able to see her children one last time as she was devoted to them.

RIP Maddie, you won't be forgotten. :(

I have been using NextDNS in recent weeks and I'm enjoying it thus far. Any of you use it?

There's a specific "event" happening today.

Whatever you do, just get a 2019-released phone instead. 5G isn't fully ready in most countries especially the US and you're basically just paying a lot more money for a tech that is raw baked.

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