Spending my Saturday patching up my computers and phones.

Routine stuff obviously.

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Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. met with President Biden to discuss security.

Microsoft pledges to keep shipping buggy software and then patches 1-600 months later that brick the machine, making it fully secure.

Apple pledges to make 2FA universal, with an Apple token keyfob, for $169.99, that scans your environment for small children and/or suggestive-looking plants and calls the FBI.

Google asserts that if they own all data, there's no security problems.

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W3C is drafting a file access spec for JS running in browsers.
What could go wrong, etc.


At least the rain is going to keep it cool later on. It's quite hazy today.

Finally get to update my PCs today with patches and software updates galore. Nice that there's some quiet time in the morning and early afternoon for the process.

So Windows 11 has been leaked and I don't like this direction especially if it follows the 10X direction where tablets and multiple screens are going to be the main focus and other devices suffer. theverge.com/2021/6/15/2253512

Happy Pride Month all!

We still have a long way to go to protect the marginalized and the most vulnerable so please remember that.

Love looking at a nebula here and there.

Here's the Honeycomb Nebula

Alamo Drafthouse as we know it is sadly dead. Private equity is going to kill its soul and that makes me so bummed since its a small driving distance from where I live. variety.com/2021/film/news/ala

Wikipedia's 20th Anniversary homepage shows the continued awesomeness and essential public service it provides. wikimediafoundation.org/wikipe

Cheers to hopefully 20 more years!

uspol - coup attempt 

What you're all seeing on live TV right now is an outright coup attempt that Sarah Kendzior warned about for years. gaslitnationpod.com/episodes-t

Also a good idea to read Sarah's book "Hiding in Plain Sight" which I have read this last summer which describes more of these. One of the only few people that saw this coming.

Although the 2020s will be challenging after a nightmare to end the 2010s, hopefully there would be good things ahead.

Happy New Year everyone, and be good to each other!

Hope you all having a great Christmas for those who are celebrating and a good start to the holiday season for everyone else!

Just myself today after visiting two people last night.

Bad news US folks, the CASE act and the felony streaming bill is in the must pass spending bill and its all but certain to pass today. You all should be terrified. techdirt.com/articles/20201221

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