Nathan: 😏 Sounds like an Onion article.

Me: 😠 No, it’s a POTATO article. Weren’t you listening?!

Nathan: 😡 Shut up!

@joshuanozzi everything’s coming up Portal these last few minutes

@tewha If I tell you I have no idea what you’re talking about, are you going to yell at me?

@joshuanozzi No. I’ll just shake my head and quietly walk away. Like this.

/does so

@joshuanozzi Yes. I’m just on the other side of the wall being dramatic. Can I come back yet? The bathroom is on the other wall.

@joshuanozzi Can you move the turret? I still need to pee.

@tewha Or use the portal gun and pee into the fridge –> ceiling above toilet.

@joshuanozzi That would be so much fun. Plus I could move the out portal midstream.

@tewha I’d be outright evil with a portal gun.

I’d head straight to DC. In-portal on the ocean floor; out-portal on the White House Lawn. 😚

@joshuanozzi Go deep with the in portal. You want a lot of pressure there!

@joshuanozzi "…we just got a two ton monster octopus. Time to close it, boss?"
"No, let's see if Cthulhu comes through."

@tewha In: Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, NYC

Out: Main Trump Tower air handler.

@joshuanozzi Also, I wonder if you could launch by making the thing fall between two portals, then shifting the out portal to face space.

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