Thanks, @emery, for creating such a wonderful community! I hope to be as hands-off and benign a community admin as you’ve been. ❤️

All: Emery and I have already taken the first technical steps and must wait for domain propagation to start moving things that need moving. This will be a multi-step process but I hope to minimize downtime. I’ve decided on’s managed plan to minimize tech overhead and have opened dialogue with them about migrating.


With their help, @emery and I should be able to make a smooth transition and solve some software update and database management difficulties all in one.

As to community ethos, nothing is changing. This is and will remain a safe space. ❤️

@joshuanozzi @emery don’t fuck it up Josh. I may not say much here but I visit often.

@joshuanozzi @emery Wait, what? I can’t make fun of you anymore? 😀

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