@joshuanozzi apparently everyone's getting it now. Something like 500 people die from it every day in the US and as far as I can tell we're just letting it roll.

@joshuanozzi Sorry it caught up with you. I caught it at the beginnng of June, it sucked.

My doc recommended the typical things; hydrate, rest, Tylenol for fever.

My Pharmacist brother recommended:
Vit D....10,000 per day for a week or so
Vit C 500mg twice a day
Zinc Sulfate 220mg twice a day, if your stomach can handle it

@joshuanozzi A veritable barrel of laughs kinda fun. :/ If you're ill I hope you're over it soon.

@joshuanozzi But, seriously, don’t worry. You’re too sexy. For it to hurt you. Mother.

@joshuanozzi I should delete it and re-draft that because Siri picked up Mother from Lower Decks, but I’m gonna keep it because it’s hilarious.

@joshuanozzi How’s the “rona?”

I’m trying to be hip, but I might’ve just broken one.

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