The things mothers shout at their children truly transcend language and culture. 😂

The auto-refilling water pitcher in our fancy new fridge is pee shy. When you open the door it immediately pinches it off and takes a minute to resume after closing. 😂

Hi, new followers! For those who don’t know me, I’m a friendly, 43-year-old, dirty-joke-making, gay-married man. I work as a software engineer for Sketch and I’m a general laborer and house boy for 5 cats. I’m also an amateur radio enthusiast (well, enthusiast is a strong word) with an Extra-class license (W4JLN) for extra experimental RF funness.

Some have asked me if I take donations to cover the cost of this Mastodon instance. I don’t. However, if you’re feeling generous, I guess now’s a good time to ask folks to take a look at my nephew’s call for help and consider donating if you can.

Years of Patrick Stewart on American Dad and I still giggle imaging Captain Picard saying these things.

@tewha That's just cruel. "Happy birthday! Here's something you couldn't digest even if it weren't poisoned with chocolate and on fire." 😂

@tewha As always, email me at if there’s a problem, in case messages can’t get to me through Mastodon. 😋

@mwlucas @tewha Effects of Coronavirus on chickens. 2000% growth in one month. Purdue has murdered people to patent less.

Hi, all - please welcome @keir, a former ADN lurker like me, and current coworker. He’ll fit in with the likes of Steve. 😒


Many thanks to Hugo ( @mastohost ) for his patience and especially for his swift and masterful handling of our migration, free of charge.

Follow that account for service announcements that affect our community, and keep him in mind if you ever encounter the question, “where to host an instance?” 😋

Welp - welcome to our new home! Media attachments are still being transferred (including accounts’ avatars and banners), so you’ll likely still see some missing stuff for a bit, but all should be well! Please let me know of any non-missing-media-related issues you notice.

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