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Unfortunately, there’s a lot of noise going on… but this is Sylvester’s zipper noise. As near as I can tell, it means both “happy to see you” and “fuck off.”

I still say if Apple is truly serious about sustainable energy on their new campus, they need to attach magnets to his corpse and show him 2019 Apple. He’d spin in his grave so fast it’d rival the output of a nuclear plant.

I sometimes forget how my work -MINE- is directly helping researchers help sick people. Sick children.

The care I’ve put into this very complex analysis application these past 12 years has had a real, measurable, well-documented impact on medicine to the benefit of us all and I couldn’t be more humbled or bewildered by the thought of just how many lives it’s touched and will continue to touch for decades to come.

Yeah, I really did need this tonight.

No YOU’RE crying!

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I really REALLY needed this boost tonight:

It’s a list of the 499 (to date) scientific publications that cite SPICE (the bioinformatics app I developed and maintain for the US NIH Vaccine Research Center. Most recently published were advancements in understanding and treatment for lung cancer (via immune response), H1N1, and HIV in children.

Useful videos for MysticBBS:

But the guy says "SIGH-SOP" even right after saying "System Operator". It's FUCKING "SISS" like System, "OP" like Operator, GODDAMN IT MAN!

US Politics 

Remember Hands Across America? This is like that, but without all that lib’rul feel-good, everybody’s-a-human-being nonsense. Also with guns.

Trump will call it Hands Across Murika.

I’m just seeing the “calling it content is demeaning” hubbub and I don’t want to get in trouble. How about I call mine “emissions”? Is that better?

Cats. 😋 Give ‘em an inch, they’ll take your face blood.

Nathan’s watching ALL of the “Irish People Try...” videos pertaining to American food and different kinds of alcohol.

I found the one with various half-and-half (where half is Guinness) to be the funniest. There’s the “Guinness is Holy” group, “Guinness is Shite”, and “Whad’y jussay?!” The latter is said from one Irish person to another in a tone suggesting a fight was edited out of the video.

Dried dates look like giant tics that’ve been feeding upon Wilfred Brimley.

Further to my last retweet, calling your output “content” cheapens your skills.

If you make videos, you’re a filmmaker.

If you make music, you’re a songwriter.

Take pride in the process of your creation, not just the result.

“I don’t have any more room in my pockets because they’re all filled with my ass.”

LOL, not a single functional optical drive in the house.

What the actual fuck?

FACT CHECK: Does Roger Stone Have a Tattoo of Richard Nixon on His Back?

Answer: True.

Conspiracy to poop-shame a relative into swallowing her pride and have the operation she needs and deal with the colostomy bag.

How’s YOUR Friday night going? 😋

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