@joshuanozzi take 2 - is there an api limit or anything I should be aware of as it’s not updating 😆

@keir If it makes you feel any better, I just realized that my welcome post to you was set to followers-only, and you're not following me so you wouldn't have seen it (or anything that followed). Brilliant on my part. 🙃

Anyway, welcome!

@larand ahh thanks Larry! 😀 appreciate the welcome! 👋🏻

@larand @keir Trying to use Mastodon can be a bit like editing a configuration file.

And I don’t mean a text one.

@tewha @joshuanozzi @keir I'll echo what Steve said. This is a small enough instance that you can follow everyone and not get overwhelmed. Being invitation-only keeps the trolls out, too.

Except for Josh, of course. 😉

@larand @tewha @joshuanozzi one always sneaks in 😜

That’s good to know though! Sounds less overwhelming 😂

@keir @larand @joshuanozzi you know how they say 10% of the people make 90% of the noise? Between Josh, Larry and I you are following 90% of the noise. The difference is Larry’s noise is responsible and adult, where as Josh and I like to pull each other’s fingers and laugh while making dick jokes.

@tewha @larand @joshuanozzi haha I’m afraid I *may* fall into the latter category 😬

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