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Gen X, the generation that remembers when computers were things you only used sometimes.

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What’s the best iOS app for Mastodon right now? I like Amaroq, but I’m also into trying new things.

Temporarily using an iPhone 6S to preserve the battery on my Pixel pending the arrival of the new phone. Good God this thing feels tiny.

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Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone who has contributed money via Patreon ( or a separate donation via PayPal!

AppDotDotNet costs $50/month to run (server fees, plus AWS storage and the cost of the domain) so all donations and funding is much appreciated.

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Our presumed incoming ambassador to the UN thinks landing on the beaches of Normandy illustrates the longstanding strong relationship we have with the German government. Um, about that.

Meanwhile, at the office...

There was a fatal shooting across the street at the cemetery 45 minutes ago. Didn't hear a thing, but we've been notified to avoid that area. I'm fine. Cops and TV people are over there.

Life in these United States, 2018.

Looking for nutrition information for sugar-free cranberry sauce to plug into my meal tracking app, and it's an exercise in frustration.

People, if your ingredients include honey, applesauce, or oranges, it ain't sugar-free.

The good part of grocery shopping after Thanksgiving: no crowds.

The bad part of grocery shopping after Thanksgiving: not enough checkstands open.

I have survived another family gathering, have returned to Ventura, and am now comfortably ensconced on my own couch in my own living room. I'm calling that a win.

Left work early today, then:
—Picked up pies for tomorrow
—Went to the supermarket
—Did two loads of laundry
—Made an extra batch of cranberry sauce

I believe that's an adequate afternoon's work.

This evening's commute has been brought to you by Crosby, Stills & Nash, Carlos Santana, the Alan Parsons Project, Jeremy Fisher, the Rankin Family, Supertramp, and a delightful Pacific Ocean sunset.

I have fixed the broken faucet for the sink in the utility room. I am a home improvement god. 🔧

Today I learned that the Pace Picante Sauce people make an Extra Mild version, and I can't even. I suppose it's OK for small children and old white people from Minnesota, but otherwise, WTF?

Instagram suggested some accounts to follow for my secondary, watch-focused account, and one of these is not like the others. Good company, though. 😉


Because I haven't posted a watch pic in a while, here's today's watch, a Citizen Avion. It's a big 'un, as pilot watches tend to be.

Crazy morning trying to dig out from the office closure during the fire. It would be really helpful if people would stop sending me email for five minutes.

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