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I wrote this as a ha-ha-but-seriously-yes:

You should only use software you wrote for yourself, never let anyone else touch it. Other Peoples' Code is the work of the devil.

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I really do worry about the mental health of GNU/Linux users. They're like FOX "News" viewers, so much completely anti-reality shit fed to them it starts backing out of their mouths.

"We're the only free people! The UN/New World Order/Apple/Communists/Fluoridators are going to make you wear masks/use their app store/bottled water and take away mah guns/compilers/precious bodily fluids!"

Dude. Chill the fuck out, it's not like that.

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Content Warning discourse 

If you can't CW your problematic posts, regardless of anything else, you get muted or blocked.

If you're justifying it, you're an asshole. How about you try not being an asshole? Like, just 5 minutes a day of not being a dick.

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You know how there's people who make stuff, and then they stop making stuff? But they're not dead, or at least something's still posting to birbsite as them.

I worry that might happen to me someday. Because I take a long time to ship, would anyone notice?

So, you have my permission to ask "hey, are you dead yet?" if I haven't done anything in a while, and I'll tell you "yes" or "no".

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I've been programming for 40 years. I still fuck up and call myself a moron every single fucking day.

Best career choice. Totally nailed that one. I'm a fine specimen of Homo habilis, first toolmaker.

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I like how the Doom Patrol title sequence is the platonic ideal of slow, jerk-off, overdesigned, artsy 3D graphics titles like Westworld, but then it's mostly pulp latex costume fights.

Just added to my stupidcomments.css:

/* Wordpress earn banner */
.stats__upsell-nudge {
display: none !important;

Fucking dashboard has "earn money" spam banner on it.

(I'll upload a new version to

Take the wire to the other side
Of this metal sky
And you will see
These stars are just projections
This is not real

It weirds me out when I see people write HTML (not XHTML) with closing tags for elements that don't need it.

Lists are:
<ul><li>stuff <li>morestuff </ul>

Tables are:
<table><tr><td>1 <td>2
<tr><td>3 <td> 4

Paragraphs are:

(you can change it to JSON if you like, but forms are so much easier to work with just urlencoded)

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Easy debugging of POST forms:

% cat bin/wgetpost.zsh
if [[ $# -ne 2 ]]; then
echo "Usage: wgetpost.zsh DATA URL"
echo "DATA must be x-www-form-urlencoded"
exit 1

if [[ -f $outfile ]]; then
rm $outfile


wget --output-file=$logfile --output-document=$outfile --method=POST --header="Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" --body-data=$1 $2 && cat $outfile

state of games journalism 

"Am gam jurnlist. All posts are about Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal, FF7 Remake, or Kentucky Rt 0."

For fuck's sake. And they quote VICE relentlessly, which was founded & operated by "Proud Boys" Nazis.

Good news, everybody. I have relearned how to round-trip data from user to webserver to database to user, which is about where 12-year-olds are these days.

chmod: Unable to change file mode on /var/db: Operation not permitted

UGH. Where the fuck am I supposed to put my databases, then?

Using /usr/local/var/db instead, but that's stupid.

Get a contrarian, not in line with my experiences, response from someone. Check their profile and it's nothing but conspiracy theories. What's the left version of Alex Jones?

uspol, fox news 

FOX News shocked, shocked I say, to discover Fucker Carlson's writer is a Nazi. Wait until they find out what Fucker says on air.

I don't care what the supposed content is, if a site has autoplay videos or pops shit up in front of me, I close the tab and say "fuck you, asshole!"

Who the fuck posts shit like that, why would you make your site so hostile?!

And it's not just commercial, every freedork come-on-share-the-software site has it, too, begging for money or telling me they have cookies but it's oatmeal plaster not good cookies. Layers and positioning in web sites was a mistake.

So now I'm very half-assedly getting back to something like it; every time I screw with 3D it still sucks but web tech and cheap sprite UIs are promising.

I'd prefer to do it all in nice fast Scheme, but man standing up an application stack in that is a challenge.

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My software plan back in the early '90s was to write a 3D "OS" (really a shell). I had a halfway-decent raycasting engine, I was good at scripting which is what it needed for me to code rooms that do stuff, I/O panels like big chunky Doom interfaces. It was never quite all working in one place, but a more focused Mark could've shipped it.

Then I got distracted by giant stacks of cash to do Java & then iPhone, and that was so much easier for actual reward.

Money all went to booze & fun women.

I wrote this as a ha-ha-but-seriously-yes:

You should only use software you wrote for yourself, never let anyone else touch it. Other Peoples' Code is the work of the devil.

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