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One problem of doing any is I get used to bytes and kilobytes again, and then when I see modern junk need megabytes or gigabytes, I flip my shit and scream "what the fuck do you need 325,000 Atari 800s for just to draw a screen?!"

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I wrote this as a ha-ha-but-seriously-yes:

You should only use software you wrote for yourself, never let anyone else touch it. Other Peoples' Code is the work of the devil.

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I really do worry about the mental health of GNU/Linux users. They're like FOX "News" viewers, so much completely anti-reality shit fed to them it starts backing out of their mouths.

"We're the only free people! The UN/New World Order/Apple/Communists/Fluoridators are going to make you wear masks/use their app store/bottled water and take away mah guns/compilers/precious bodily fluids!"

Dude. Chill the fuck out, it's not like that.

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Content Warning discourse 

If you can't CW your problematic posts, regardless of anything else, you get muted or blocked.

If you're justifying it, you're an asshole. How about you try not being an asshole? Like, just 5 minutes a day of not being a dick.

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I've been programming for 40 years. I still fuck up and call myself a moron every single fucking day.

Best career choice. Totally nailed that one. I'm a fine specimen of Homo habilis, first toolmaker.

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September 10,000, 1993

math (+1 to count the 1st)

So, checks out. 10,000 days of the September That Never Ended.

The world since is like a movie showing a few people coughing before the credits, wipe fade, zombie hordes tearing down barricades to eat the brains of the last few people. Someone's shivering in the corner with a gun, for the zombies or self, you can't tell. Freeze frame. "I bet you're askin

ESPN would be better if it only focused on monster trucks.

Today's : Scuttlebutt Amber Ale. Pleasant but kind of too inoffensive to be great. This is what they mean by "drinkable".
Just short of β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†, maybe 3.75?

Has a very pretty mermaid on the label:

The single best thing in JavaScript: JSON.

You make an object or array of basic types, and it has a trivial serialization with JSON.stringify() or JSON.parse() that you can shove in a database or send over a network connection.

LISP/Scheme has sexp, of course, and read/write, but you have to convert your hashtables (SRFI-69! Nice!) to/from alists, which is a pain in the ass.

Classes/records don't convert in either, but it gets you 90% to data portability.

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The thing I hate most in JS is not whatever superficial syntax complaint you have, but Promises vs async/await.

Basically half the time you can't use async/await because it wasn't called from an async function (and you don't control that) and have to rewrite everything as callbacks expressed as new Promise(yada).then(yada)

And this is only an issue because Node is single-threaded, which is incredibly stupid in 2021.

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Also: WebSockets are great, until they stop working with an unexplained error code -9874 or something.

Turns out I was hitting the wrong port, but like, even ed can explain its errors when you hit `h`, WTF is the browser reporting a bullshit error number? Do I need to order a 500-page three-ring binder from IBM that I can look each one up in?

Using the "rich brew" (less, hotter water) on my Ninja made me a half cup of Black Blood of the Earth. Adding some hot water brought it up to actual coffee, much less bad than I thought yesterday.

Still probably gonna get some nice Kenyan beans next shopping trip, and dump these.

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Siri, add almond flavoring to my shopping list. I can't cope with this unflavored water.

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Hrm. New beans from some online roaster, and they're meh. I'm very unimpressed by this coffee. It's not bitter, or stinky, just bland as a Republican's sandwich, white bread and mayo. Barely tastes of coffee.

Sadly, little Michelle learned to program, and grew up to write tax collection software.

Wow I got my ass kicked quick, about 6 streets in, didn't even meet the first boss. Played Stephen Stills as per usual, middle difficulty. Part of that's re-learning curve.

The little jumpy purple kids are fucking murder on me, especially if I can't pick up a weapon. And grabbing a weapon is SUPER finnicky, I remember screaming in rage "PICK UP THE FUCKING BAT!" for hours back in the day.

The music as I progress is so great. And now I feel like reading the comics again.

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