Old Man Mark Shakes His Cane 

I really do love how Stop Making Sense goes from just David Byrne with a boom box & guitar for Psycho Killer, to all the stuff brought on stage by ninjas, and everyone they know and some backup singers & dancers for the more complex songs later.

Nightmare fuel '80s children's TV movie 

SNIFF! That smell when you rip open a fake-sugar packet and pour it into your coffee, and then get that first bitter-sweet sip.

I've fucked around with some other drugs, I like booze a little too much, nearly as much as a certain horse, but nothing else ever came close to my one true love.

♫ I'm not aware of too many things
I know what I know, if you know what I mean
Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box
Religion is the smile on a dog ♫

Just gonna repeat mdhughes.tech/2017/09/05/tuesd

SF feed mentions Walter M. Miller Jr's Conditionally Human And Other Stories, Mark searches for it.

Search results are about 50% other Miller books, 50% bestiality porn of humans and lions.

Thanks, Internet. So helpful.

Fuck Colonialism, Capitalism, Wetsueten 

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I hate when I realize a lyric I liked is wrong.

Goldfrapp's A&E, I've always heard as "Think I want you still, but there may be pills that work." — suggesting it's a long-term problem and she'd take a cure.

Nope, it's "it may be pills at work." — suggesting it's just a delusion in the mental ward.

Stay tuned for next week, when I actually listen to Brown Sugar or The Joker.

I often miss IT Conversations web.archive.org/web/2013072920

It's just bizarre that they "completed their mission" when we obviously still have IT and a tech industry to do those deep dives on, so now it's scattered in tiny fraction of podcasts with varying interviewers, among tens of thousands of shows that are just a waste of bits.

Holy shit the S3E3 commentary. On both being a functioning/dysfunctional alcoholic, and "dickle Rick".

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Oh, nice, one of my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp "friends" who's been offline for a year+ came back in; I rarely remove old friends. I mean, it's a pretty minimal set of interactions, but welcome back, Ganymede.

Smith's "Humans are a virus" speech is more stupid than the battery thing. Lots of species are expansionist, almost all predators, and ants in particular. Viruses can't expand without a host organism, which is a metaphor an actual virus AI would probably avoid.

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I do love the machine aesthetic of squiddy or insectile robots. Why make anything sleek and cool, when you can squick out the biologicals and have extra tentacles too? The machines are the winning team just on aesthetics.

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The "coppertop" thing is stupid, sure. But let's also note how stupid the "you think you're breathing air?"/"the body cannot live without the mind" shit is. In a simulation, your body does breathe air, has speed, strength, etc. stats; you can't just imagine yourself faster in an MMORPG, which is what the is. You need to program those hacks.

Dying, meanwhile, is meaningless. Destroys your in-game body, but it's just an avatar, make a new one or restore from backup.

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Holy shit these people speak so slowly and the script is full of trash lines "my way or the highway", really? Where's the podcast 2x playback speed button?! You're not deep, you mashed up a couple issues of 2600, Star Wars, the cheapest trailer-trash mall Aikido dojo pep talk, and some badly-cut E/PCP.

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